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Trip Across America 4 Gets Full Time Driver And New Sponsor
Liquid Force Press Release

LF TAA 4 Gets Full Time Driver:

Liquid Force is proud to announce the addition of Josh Cantor to the LF TAA 4. Josh will be the official driver of the new LF rig this year.

Josh is a San Diego, CA resident and has been friends with many of the Liquid Force employees and team riders for years. His extensive experience in the wakeboard industry has come from the time he’s spent working with Tyler, and the crew from Wakesports Unlimited. Over the last few years he’s helped run all of that shop’s promotional events, demos, and clinics. Josh has also been the primary brains behind the So Cal Wakeboard events which over the past 6 years have consistently drawn bigger crowds than any other wake event in Southern California. Many people may recognize his name nationally, as well. He has become a regular contributor to’s editorial product.

“I am pumped on the opportunity to team up with Liquid Force and travel around the country promoting their products and the sport of wakeboarding,” states Josh. “Traveling around the country has always been a dream of mine. I am really excited to be given the opportunity to do it in style, all while doing what I love…wakeboarding. I am excited about the opportunity to try to help grow the sport in a hand’s on way. Traveling around with the LF crew, and seeing the wakeboard scene across America is going to be awesome. This is going to be a great summer.”

Be sure to look for Josh, the LF team riders, and the LF TAA 4 RV this summer! They’ll be rolling through your town soon.

Clive Joins the LF TAA 4:

Liquid Force and the Trip Across America 4 are proud to announce the arrival of their newest, first time sponsor… Clive bags.

Clive, a Northern San Diego County company, is widely known for making the most comfortable backpacks and bags in the industry. The key to their success has been there constant ability to innovate. Each product that they have introduced has had the Clive signature of ground breaking designs, uniquely tasteful styles, combined with useful features that go hand in hand with the action sports lifestyle.

“Clive makes the sickest bags. They are the most comfortable and stylish bags on the market today. They also have one of the best all around teams in the action sports market…between skate, snow, surf, BMX, and recently wake. I am obviously stoked to be part of there team, and I am equally excited that they’ve become a sponsor of the Trip Across America,” states LF and Clive team rider Shawn Watson.

“Clive is psyched to team up with Liquid Force and the other Trip Across America 4 sponsors for this tour. It’s exciting to be involved with such a prestigious tour for our first wakeboarding event. We hope to be a part of many more down the road,” says Rudy Vasquez, marketing manager at Clive.

Check out the LF TAA 4 schedule for info, dates and updates at

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