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Liquid Force Team Video Relentless Coming in July
Liquid Force Press Release

Encinitas, CA - 8 months down, 4 to go. With over 8 months of filming under wraps, the Liquid Force and Album crews are just hitting their stride with the highly anticipated LF team video, RELENTLESS. With a release date of July 15th expected, the crew is working overtime to get every angle, every trick, and every location dialed in and finished. Led by Justin Stephens of Album Films, the entire team has been 100% committed to the project. Sean Kilgus has been Justin’s right hand man with a lot of the filming, as have several of the team riders. Sean’s Northwest footage, along with much of his Florida work will be featured. Watson, Shane and Melissa just recently returned from a trip to New Zealand and Australia where they collected some of their own footage, and teamed up with old friend, Pete Santa Maria, formerly of Rook Productions, now with Fuel TV. Pete’s 16mm work from the trip will be included in the project. Justin has been making the Florida commute from Vegas and has been filming the entire team.

Shots from the film trips and film sessions have been sneaking into the last few issues of Alliance Wakeboard Magazine, and Wakeboarding Magazine. The sessions on the “RELENTLESS Rail” at The Projects have been the most highly visible, but other trips, including a trip to the Northwest last summer have been featured.

“We didn’t want any of our riders to feel like they had left anything on the table. I wanted to make sure, as did Justin, that we gave them as much opportunity as possible to create their ideal part,” states Don Wallace, LF Sales and Marketing Director. “Watson, Shane, Steve, Kevin, Mike, Colin, Tim, Gregg, Kyle, Ben, Phillip, Melissa, Emily, etc...they’ve all been busy filming. They’re more fired up than I’ve ever seen them. Justin has enough footage to create parts for all of them, but we’re not even close to calling it a wrap. It’s up to the public to judge the outcome, but this has definitely been the most fun I’ve had working on a project since I started at LF.”

Shawn Watson has been working non-stop on his part, and had the following to say about the RELENTLESS project. “Justin gave us the go ahead to film as much as we wanted, so that’s what we’ve been doing. He gave us a camera and said ‘go for it’. It reminds me of a skate video production. You always hear about those guys working until the last minute to get every trick they want. That’s what we’ve been doing. If Justin comes to town and I don’t land a’s no big deal. I can have Shane or Gregg, or anybody else film it the following week. It’s going to turn out sick!”

Videos should be arriving in shops on, or around July 15th. Contact your local shop for more information about availability of RELENTLESS, and for possible premier parties in your area. For more information, check out, or

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