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The Pace Was Set And The Bar Was Raised At TSR's 2004 FreezRide

New Braunfels, TX - The First Annual TSR FreeZride event lived up to its name! With a cold front and some serious wind-chill dipping temps into the 40’s Saturday, wake athletes not only braved the elements but some serious early season competition that kept things heated up on both the cable and boat lakes. On Sunday, during the motox competition, a morning rainstorm leveled the playing field for all the riders. By afternoon, however, the game was on for another round of great riding. The stories of the weekend were 3 riders proving that versatility rules when it comes to the power of crossing over: skate and wake crossovers, Chris Ramirez and Savanah Barber, and wake and motox crossover
Dustin Shows.

Chris Ramirez won the boat and cable lake pro division in both competitions and took home $1500, not bad for 6 minutes of work. Chris was last on the water in the boat competition that saw high winds and rain making it difficult to throw down a normal run. However Chris, one of only a few competitors to stand up their run all day, mixed up his run using the slider and stomping tricks such as a s-bend, roll to blind, and tootsie roll off the wake and going bigger than the rest with a huge crail glide off the double up. Joey Bradley and Gabe Lucas took second and third respectively distancing themselves from the competition.

In the evening when temperatures hit their coldest point riders hit the cable lake for an obstacle only competition. Under the lights each rider got 3 laps or 3 falls, whichever came first. Chris, once again defended his home turf winning by using all of the 6 obstacles with plenty of style. Gabe Lucas who setteled for a blind 5 over the A-Frame (consistently gets the 7 in warmer conditions) took second. New Comer to the pro division, Kyle Reed, took third.

The coming out story of the weekend had to be Savanah Barber. Savanah has spent a lot of time in skateparks, so it was no surprise how fast she took to the obstacles in both wakeboarding and wakeskating. Savanah won the obstacle competition on the cable lake in both womens wakeboard and wakeskate. Savanah also took second in wakeskate behind the boat. The most impressive part is that in both wakeskate events Savanah competed against the guys. Pulling off shuvits behind the boat on the cable on top of obstacles off obstacles, just about anywhere she wantes. Savanah showed she was right where she belonged with the men in the wakeskate competitions.

Dustin Shows showed his versatility by taking the FreeZride wake and motox crossover title. Dustin, who made a consistent showing in TSR�s Showdown at the Ranch series last summer, finessed his way through a windy lake on Saturday and a muddy first motox on Sunday to prove that endurance and perseverance pay � okay, great technique and skill helps, too!

MotoX practice was Saturday and the race was held on Sunday so athletes were able to compete in both if they desired. Sunday also saw some wakeboarding demonstrations in the newly created pool on the shores of the boat lake. The pool slider start had been created for the pro division wakeboard contest. However due to the unusually high winds, use of the pool had to be postponed until Sunday. With the ideal conditions Sunday, riders that were still around got to test out the new structure for TBKS video crew.

The weekend was great and left everyone wanting more and looking forward to CableStock in May when temperatures are a little warmer and the days a little longer. But most importantly, the pace was set and the bar was raised on Texas riding, as the showing at TSR�s FreeZride was strong.

TSR would like to thank the event sponsors: MasterCraft, Devoe Paint, Board
Shop, Burger King, WakeZone, San Marcos Toyota, HyperLite, One West Clothing,
Alliance, Gator Boards, Obrien, Oneil, Kicker

For high res images to be used for print in publications please contact Blake Hess at TSR 830-627-2843. Look for an article written by Todd Weatherill.(This weekend's MC)

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    Boat Competitions

    1. Justin Richards
    2. Luke Cordes
    3. Greg Warren
    4. Todd Kyser
    5. Justin Troth
    6. Michael Troth
    7. Barrett Davidson

    1. Ryan Anderson
    2. Dustin Shows
    3. Jimmy Carrol
    4. Reno Lytle
    5. Bronson Lerma
    6. Blake Sullivan
    7. Blake Vorwald
    8. Riley Ebert
    9. Mike Grosse

    1. Jade Thang
    2. Kelly Johnson
    3. Kassidy Lytle
    4. Savanah Barber
    5. Kat Laird

    1. Matt Leitko
    2. Savanah Barber
    3. Joshua Steele
    4. Evan Lykes
    5. Chris Ramirez
    6. Keith Steinbeck
    7. Mike Grosse

    1. Chris Ramirez
    2. Joey Bradley
    3. Gabe Lucas
    4. Tom Fooshee
    5. Keith Lidberg
    6. Jack Scanio
    7. Justin Harrleson
    8. Rob Jacques
    9. Logan Farris
    10. Josh Rice
    11. Mathew Christian
    12. Matt Spalten
    13. Richie McKee
    14. Robert Moore
    15. Dustin Swafford
    16. Hank Carter

    Cable Obstacle Competitions:

    1. Savanah Barber
    2. Catie Bialick
    3. Kelly Johnson
    4. Taylor Zavesky

    1. Svanah Barber
    2. Stephan
    3. Michael Vestal
    4. Matt Leitko
    5. Keith Lidberg
    6. Nick Mussa

    Pro Men
    1. Chris Ramirez
    2. Gabe Lucas
    3. Kyle Reed
    4. Chad Forrest
    5. Cody Kidder
    6. Josh Rice
    7. Josh Wright
    8. Keith Lidberg
    9. Blake Vorwald
    10. Rob Jacques
    11. Richie McKee
    12. Matt Leitko
    13. Hank Carter

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