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Underestimated Video To Premier In Vancouver
Underestimated Photo from FilmingBy Bliss Regimbal

V Reel Productions is inviting everyone to join them in celebrating the release of their newest project called Underestimated. This wakeboard video is the first of its kind to come out of Canada and is estimated by reviewers to rank in the top five in the world.

To celebrate this milestone V Reel, in coordination with the UBC Wakeboard Club, is hosting the premiere on campus at UBC at the Pit Pub on Feb. 28, 2004 in Vancouver. The evening will entail a video showing, a summer line fashion show, giveaway prizes, the raffling of a wakeboard, wetsuit and sunglasses and much more, mystery D.J.’s and the whole evening will be a beach theme. Whether you are a wakeboard fan or not this is going to be the party of 2004.

Underestimated is starting to be distributed world wide and Vancouver-based company V Reel Productions could think of no way better to kick it off than celebrating here at home in Vancouver. “Underestimated is not only a huge steeping stone for V Reel, but also Canadian riders who are starting to gain recognition worldwide,” says D.O.P. Bliss Regimbal.

Underestimated has been two years in the making featuring locations in British Columbia, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Florida. The riders showcased are 15 of the world’s best riders. One of these riders, Chad Sharpe, is also a Vancouver native.

The editing style and unique camera angles inspired by producer, Jesse Regimbal, have made this video like no other extreme sports video on the market. For those who have gotten a sneak peak of the video, they have described it as ‘blowing them out of the water’ and ‘like nothing they seen before’. For anyone who would like to get a preview of what Underestimated is all about, the trailer can be viewed at

Underestimated is making a wake of it’s own through the wakeboarding community and everyone is truly learning to take heed to the title by not Underestimating anything this dynamic production company does.

For additional information please contact producer Jesse Regimbal at (778) 889-3577 or

Underestimated can be preordered now at

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