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Inland Surfer Announces New Schools And Team Riders

Bellevue, WA - Inland Surfer, the leading epoxy wakesurfer manufacturer announces it’s continuing support of water sports schools and new team riders.

As wake surfing continues it’s rapid growth in popularity, Inland Surfer continues to support the sport through schools and new team riders. “We’re really excited that the sport is taking off so fast. Working with schools ensures that new wake surfers receive proper instruction on riding technique and most importantly, safety” stated Jeff Page, founder and CEO of Inland Surfer. “We’re also really fortunate to be working with some very talented riders who we believe will continue to evolve the sport”, added Page.

Ron Scarpa Barefoot Training Center will be using Inland Surfers this year at their Winter Haven facilities. “This will be a great new sport to offer when the water gets rough,” says Scarpa.

Liquid Lessons of Louisiana will be using Inland Surfer as part of their lesson program. According to owner Mike Vogt “this will add just another thing to due behind the boat. We’ve tested a lot of boards, but the Inland Surfer line gives us the most flexibility when it comes to different size riders and different skill level. We’re excited to add wake surfing to our curriculum”.

Two schools will be involved with Inland Surfer for the second season; Mike Schwenne of Lake McClure CA. will use all three of the redesigned boards at his West Coast Camps, and the Ensan Wakeboard School on Lake Shasta will feature Inland Surfer boards.

In addition to adding Pro Wakeboarder Mike Ennen to the Inland Surfer team, Inland Surfer will continue to supply Leslie Kent (pro wakeboarder) with their new boards, as Leslie has proven to be a great ambassador by sharing her boards with other riders all over Florida. “Riders like Mike and Leslie are on the cutting edge of water sports and we are stoked to be associated with such great riders” stated Page.

About Inland Surfer
Inland Surfers are not skim boards or large wakeboards they are Epoxy WAKESURFERS specially designed for inboard boat wakes. Our new boards are made in Slovakia. We use a process known as Epoxy Thermal Lamination. We build two-piece mold around the original. Next we take an expanded polystyrene core and insert stringers. We then add layers of glass, 90lb PVC sheet foam on top and bottom, and more glass with super-toughened 20lb epoxy foaming resin on the rails for impact resistance. The board is hand laid up in the heated mold and then placed in a press. This allows the board to cure under pressure at a high temp. We end up with a tight, light, and extremely durable finished product. We feel that our construction process is the best available in today’s epoxy wakesurf market

How to contact the schools listed

Ron Scarpa Barefoot Training Center

Liquid Lessons

West Coast Camps

Ensane Wakeboard School
530-945-6890 ask for Ian Kirk.

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