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Lock Stock & 8 Smok'n Grommits
By: Sim Bradley

Wakeboard films have always shown the American style of riding, and their lifestyles. Now, it's time to show them that the British wakeboard contingent is here, and stronger than ever.

For the first time captured on film, we're bringing the best riders from all around the country, including World Junior Champion, Ben Hitch, Kieran Tahney, 'Irish' john Tully, World Masters champion Chris Potts, British Champion Jack Wayne, Craig OíMeara and Kent James, just to name a few. Plus, some exclusive never seen before footage of the now legendary, Mark Kenney.

Not to forget, Wakeskating. The footage we already have, at the start of filming, will quite simply blow you away, and we've only filmed a couple of day's riding.

5 Ft kickers, Dragon sliders, The new 'Mark Kenney' Tribute slider, and some of the most creative dock starts you'll ever see are all in order from the countries best, including, Craig McCulloch, Sim Bradley and Terry Hannam and South Africaís Dieter Humpsch.

Plus all of the antics the riders get up to off the lake, Skating, Surfing, and partying harder than you can possibly imagine!

On top of all this, Lock Stock features a completely original, British born soundtrack covering everything from full-on "alt" rock to hip hop, all recorded and produced in the Revert Music Studio. What makes this film special is that the riders are fully involved in the production and editing of what goes into their section. So from the music you hear, right down to the camera angles you see, this film is by the wakeboarder, for the wakeboarder.

Filming is almost completed, but winters here, so filming will resume in the early months of the season. We plan to release the video around the UK in July. It will also be available around the world, ordered direct from Revert Music.

One last thing, this video has cost next to nothing to produce. Donít get me wrong, itís a great film but, the follow up film for 2005 will defiantly be worth looking out for.

For more infromation about the film, visit our webiste at

Sim Bradley
Producer - Revert Music

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