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Price Decrease on Titan Series I Tower Press Release is pleased to announce another substantial price reduction on the Titan Series I wakeboard tower. Now you can buy the original Titan Series I stainless steel tower for only $1299.95 with free shipping and $130 in Wakeside Reward Points! This OEM tower at one time sold for nearly $2,000. The Titan Tower has been one of the original equipment (OEM) wakeboard towers sold on Malibu Wakesetter boats for five years and is now available to be custom made to fit almost any boat.

The Titan Tower is known for its stainless steel construction, exceptionally high quality, and being the most rigid tower on the market. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Stainless steel tubing - designed and manufactured with 2.25 inch diameter stainless steel tubing for exceptional corrosion resistance and incredible strength. Compared with aluminum, stainless steel is 40% stronger than aluminum at ½ of the tube wall thickness.

  • Progressive wishbone shape - designed to eliminate tower flex and to provide concrete resistance against the rider’s diagonal pull, not just straight back. This shape equates to the stiffest, quietest, and most rigid tower on the market.

  • Custom fabricated - each tower is custom fabricated giving an exact fit to the boat. This is not a universal tower.

  • Custom colors - available in hundreds of custom powder-coated colors at no extra charge. This wakeboard tower looks great when it matches the boats color.

  • Fully collapsible – in 30 seconds the Titan Tower can easily be collapsed by just one person. This tower is fully collapsible to fit through a 6 foot 11 inch garage opening.

  • Precision welds – compare the quality of the Titan welds with other towers on the market. These robotically automated welds are near perfect in precision. Titan’s weld quality is just one more attribute that sets the Titan Tower apart from the crowd and is another reason that Titan is original equipment to Malibu.

    When evaluating a wakeboard tower it is important to compare the construction, strength, and quality along with the looks. Titan designed this innovative and over-engineered tower shape and has been manufacturing it for Malibu for five years. They have a proven track record and reputation of making the stiffest, quietest, and most rigid tower on the market. Look closely and you will see the differences.

    Since Titan has been manufacturing this tower model for five years they are well along in the life cycle of the product. Just like computers and electronics, the R&D and up front costs are usually built into the price during the first few years. As years go by, the up front costs are recouped and the manufacturing just keeps getting more efficient and costs continue to go down.

    As a result, Titan has lowered their cost and now offers the Titan Series I tower at the new low price of $1,299.95! Shipping is free in the continental USA and there is no sales tax. Any color, black, white, or a custom color to match your boat will be no extra charge. While you are at it, check out Titan’s all new Low Rider wakeboard rack. Wakeside is offering a pair at $399.95.

    Imagine this: a stainless steel Titan Series I wakeboard tower custom made for your boat, powder coated with a custom color to match your boat, together with a pair of the new 2004 Titan Low Rider wakeboard racks delivered to your door for $1,699.90 plus $170.00 of in store credit!

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