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Justin Stephens Launches Press Release

After months of anticipation, Justin Stephens (formerly of Cadmium Productions) launched his new website, The site will feature a behind-the-scenes perspective into the making of Stephens’ films, along with trailers and photos from Album Films’ releases. The site will also have an online store with Album Films merchandise.

“The site turned out great—and we’re going to make it even better,” commented Justin. has sections for news, videos, history, contact, downloads, and a store. The video section includes a teaser, photos, reviews and sponsors from each film.

The new website is the first big step in his transition from Cadmium Productions to Album films. Justin commented that the talent of the new team at Album is able to do more for his films than at Cadmium, where he did everything himself.

“Partnering with my friends to create Album was one of the best things I’ve done because of stuff like this (the website),” said Stephens. “Plus we’re all friends with the same vision of helping wakeboarding progress through film.”

The Album team helps with skills like graphic design, web/multimedia design, and marketing.

“We have some great things in the works, the website is just the beginning,” said Justin.

Check out Album Films first release, the all wakeskating film Asterisk.

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