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Wakeside offers Boss Accessories Wakeboard Towers Again
PRESS RELEASE: is pleased to again offer Boss Accessories wakeboard towers. Wakeside has been Boss Accessories’ top authorized Internet retailer for the past two seasons. In June of 2003, Wakeside discontinued selling Boss wakeboard towers due to US Patent infringement issues. Wakeside has continued to sell all of the other quality Boss Accessories products.

It is a positive development for the wakeboarding industry that Wakeside is again offering the Boss Accessories wakeboard towers since the Boss Accessories line has enjoyed a reputation of very high quality and they are known to offer good customer service. Wakeside has sold large quantities of Boss towers over the past two years and as a result has extensive experience with Boss tower sales and customer service.

Boss Accessories is best known for three wakeboard towers in particular:

The Boss Custom Swoop Tower is custom manufactured to fit any boat. It has a swoop profile that is similar to many of the newer wakeboard boats on the market.

The Boss Adjustable Tower is a simple adjustable tower that will also fit any boat. The simple design, high quality, and the extremely low price of $731 (free shipping) equates to a great value to the owner of a run-about type boat. Since the Boss Adjustable Tower is an adjustable, it is usually in stock and can be shipped the same day it’s ordered.

The Boss Pro Series Tower is a more standard (non-swoop) custom tower that has a better price point then the high-end Boss Custom Swoop Tower. offers the best selection of wakeboarding equipment, wakeboard towers and boat accessories. They have been in business on the Internet since 2002 and their Active Water Sports retail locations near Portland, Oregon have been in operation for more than 25 years.

Boss Accessories has been building the highest quality wakeboard towers and tower accessories for roughly four years. They are currently the OEM tower supplier to Calabria and they have supplied OEM towers to Tige in the past. Boss Accessories is the only OEM tower manufacturer that manufactures a custom swoop style tower that will fit nearly any boat.

  • Boss Custom Swoop Wakeboard Tower details
  • Boss Adjustable Wakeboard Tower details
  • Boss Pro Series Wakeboard Tower details

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