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Texas Jam -’s first wakeboarding tournament!

Texas Jam was’s first wakeboarding tournament. With over $5000 in cash and prizes, it’s no surprise it turned out to be a HUGE success. Texas Jam was the biggest local wakeboarding tournament Dallas has ever seen. With tons of people and all the cool prizes people want. “For riders, by Riders” seemed to be the motto surrounding the event. was very fortunate to secure one of the best places to have a wakeboarding tournament in the Dallas area; Mustang Canyon. This is a great venue with no bad spots to watch the tournament. Not to mention some of the best water for windy conditions. The water was great with no complaints. The wake you ask? The wake was incredible behind the ’04 Malibu Wakesetter VLX provided by Waterski America. Clean and consistent. That’s the best way to sum it up.

Thanks to all the sponsors who helped make Texas Jam an event to remember. Without them it couldn’t have been possible. would like to sincerely thank each of our sponsors for all their support in the Texas Jam tournament. Check out the sponsors below and pick up some GREAT stuff from all of them. Tell them you heard about them at the Texas Jam!

Waterski America TexasMastercraft The Slalom Shop Hyperlite Grizzely– SLAPAHO Pier Nautical Wear Waterski Boats Dallas Gator Boards AutoSound Superior Skate Shop Wake – Spy Brain Sasser, Scott Leverett, Tommy Famborough Glass and Powder Buxton Marine Dextrous Clothing Boycott Boarding Flyhigh FAT Sac Lucky Devil Designs

Texas has an incredible wakeboarding scene and that was proved both days of the Texas Jam. Saturday was the first day of the two day tournament. The registration table was teeming with guys and gals of all ages eager to sign up and ride. Texas Jam had OVER 110 total riders in the tournament. That’s incredible for a late October event. Not to mention that we had over a thousand people come out and watch it all go down. These people are the core of the sport here in Dallas and when it comes to supporting the sport and the cause, they are all over it, rain or shine. With different levels and styles of riding they where all waiting their chance to tear it up. From the Beginners to the Outlaw riders, everyone had a place to ride. And yes, even some world class Wakeskaters were on hand to show what they could do without bindings.

Saturday pretty much covered the Beginners, Advance and Expert divisions. Which was a real treat getting to see a lot of different styles of riding in one day. People had come from all over the metroplex and not to mention some had come from Houston and Austin just to ride. The beginners division had 18 riders with 2 heats that saw the top 3 riders from each heat advance to the finals. Collin Gee took first place in the beginners division with some HUGE air and nice tweeked grabs. Right behind Collin was Chase Parten and Doug Eaton to round out 2nd and 3rd places. Collin received a new ’03 134 Liquid Force deluxe board for first place. And 1st, 2nd and 3rd all received a lesson pack from the top instructors in the area. Good job guys. A $300 board for 1st place!! Not a bad prize at all. Next year we hope to see you all in the Intermediate division!

The Advanced division saw some competitive riding from all its contestants. With 22 riders to go it was a nice mix of inverts and spins from these guys. Lots of diversity and unique styles set all the riders apart and made for some great spectating. Once again the top 3 riders from 2 heats went to the finals. Clint Gee, yes, you read that right, Collin’s older brother mopped it up in the Advanced finals to take first place. Along with a new ’04 Hyperlite Premier board from and $50 cash from Followed by Taylor Knight and Chris Rittenmeyer for 2nd and 3rd. Second place received a new pair of Liquid Force EXO bindings from the Slalom Shop in Lewisville. The Advanced division had some nice tricks. Only allowing 4 inverts or 360 spins made for some tough competition from these guys. In the end the best overall rider was crowned the winner. Way to go Clint! And yes, we will see you all in Expert next year no question. For pictures of ALL the riders in the advance division click here.

The Expert division capped off a nice Saturday of riding and hanging out with wakeboarders. The Experts were allowed up to 8 inverts or 360 spins with no mobes or 7’s allowed. After it was all said and done the Expert division was taken by Oklahoma’s very own Ryan Anderson followed by Josh Orwig and Keith Holley. Ryan received $350 in cash from and a very nice Accurate Recon handle and spectra rope from Waterski America. Second place received a new pair or the ’04 Hyperlite Temet bindings from While third place got a very nice Hyperlite Recoil vest and $100 in gift certificate from

Best thing is, Saturday was only the beginning. With more to come on Sunday everyone was stoked and looking forward to another day at the Texas Jam. Everyone left with a smile on their face and many took home some nice prizes that were raffled off throughout the day. Many of the raffle prizes were furnished by Boycott Boarding Company, Dextrous Clothing, SPY eyewear and Trick Boardz.

Sunday couldn’t come fast enough for some people. With Intermediate, Wakeskate and Outlaw divisions left, we had a lot to see. First off the dock was the Intermediate Division. With 31 riders (WOW!) things got off to a silky smooth(Jungle!) start. With so many riders it was broken down into 3 Heats taking the top 2 from each heat. Which put Chase Lybber in first place, Asa Cascavilla in 2nd and Mike Harris in 3rd. Intermediate was a fun one to watch. These guys laid it all on the line. You just never knew what they were going to do to try and raise the bar once again. Joey Duckett and Zack Stewart both had some of the nicest tantrums seen all day. First place in the Intermediate division took home a nice 03 Phantom GATOR board. While second place received some ’03 Liquid Force Exo Bindings.

WAKESKATING - A combination of a wakeboard and a skateboard. The board doesn't have bindings, is smaller, and covered with grip tape or a sticky foam. The Wakeskate guys had been looking for their chance to shine all weekend. A lot of buzz was going around as to what kind of tricks we were going to see from these guys. And they didn’t disappoint us. From backside wake 2 wake 180’s to 360 shuvits. We got a taste of it all. Evan Lykes took home the 1st place cash prize and all the bragging rights. With Richee McKee in 2nd and Clint Tompkins in 3rd.

And then there were the Outlaws. Oh yeah! The gloves come off. You know this was a serious throw down. With $1000 cash up for grabs ,for 1st place and $350 for 2nd and $100 for 3rd, no one was playing around. Some of Texas Best Kept Secrets had come out to play. Chris Ramirez, Gabe Lucas, Joey Bradley, Brian Sasser, Dustin Swafford, Justin Harrelson, Chris Wynn and Wes Brisco from Gator Boards just to name a few. These guys were here to ride and take NO prisoners. Some of the most jaw dropping sickest tricks you could ever see was all thrown into a 5 minute run. Whatever you wanted to do in 5 minutes was fair game. No holds bar, in your face craziness! There were 15 total riders in the Outlaw division which broke down into 2 heats taking the top 3 from each heat. No words could describe how big these guys were going. So we’ll let the pictures and video speak for themselves…..

Click here for the Sick Video of the Texas Jam Outlaws. From

In the end Wes Brisco took home the $1000 cash prize for 1st place. His CrowMobe 540 (click here) and HS 720 off the wake were pretty convincing to the judges. Second place and $350 went to Dustin Swafford while there was a tie for 3rd place both riders, Joey Bradley and Chris Ramirez took home $100 each. And Gabe Lucas in 4th place.

That pretty much does it for 2003 and for first ever tournament. Once again we’d like to thank all our GREAT sponsors and good friends who help put together the BEST wakeboarding tournament Dallas has EVER seen. is currently working on a totally new type of tournament next year. As a matter of fact there will be 3 tournaments starting in May and going to the end of September. This will all be part of the tournament series. These tournaments will be unlike anything you’ve seen before in a wakeboarding tournament. Unheard of CASH prizes, Girls divisions, and a unique rider point system for each tournament with a final champion for each division in the end. Now we can’t disclose all the secrets and things we have in store for you right now, but just believe me when I say it’s going to be incredible. We have some BIG plans for 2004 so be sure to check in on the website and message board for more information in the future. Until then we’ll see you on the water.

  • Clear here for the winners!-Texas Jam 2003 Results with Pictures

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