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5th Annual Winter Waterland Announced
The 5th Annual Winter Waterland has been announced!

When: Saturday, January 10, 2004

Where: Anchor Inn, Newville, Wisconsin


For those of you that don't know what we are talking about, Winter Waterland is a wakeboard/waterski/barefoot event, in the water, in January, in Wisconsin!

That's right, we haven't been "frozen" out yet, although almost last year. If it wasn't for the great ice breaking ability of the Mastercraft Pro Star 197 we would have been sunk!

Last year pro wakeboarder Scott Byerly was on hand to meet everyone and sign autographs. This year he wants to come back...TO RIDE!!!!

We are still in the preliminary stages of the event, but we know a few of the particulars.
The date will for sure be Saturday, January 10, 2004.

The site will for sure be (as it always has) the Anchor Inn in Newville, Wisconsin. (For those of you saying "all the way to Newville" it is just a short drive from anywhere in the Midwest. It is just off I-90 between Janesville and Madison on the beautiful Rock River.

Once again, as they have helped so many times, Redline Watersports will be providing Mastercraft Ski Boats for the event. Thanks to Paul and the gang for being there to help us get off the ground 5 years ago.

Other sponsors on board are EVS Sports, Play it Again Sports, Comfort Inn, and Hammy's Wearables.

Check out the website for more information as well as an all new WWL forum.

Thank you for your continued support.

Hope to see you all there.

Jeremy Anderson and Ryan Williams

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