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World Wakesurfing Association Starts Up
Thirteen people representing 11 different boat, wake, surf and skimboard companies assembled on November 3, 2003 via teleconference and agreed to establish the World WakeSurf Association. The mission of the World WakeSurf Association is to help introduce people to the sport of wakesurfing, to develop and promote consistent and fair competition, to encourage participation in WWSA sanctioned events, to help educate the public on ways to enjoy boating and wakesurfing safely, and to generally improve individual wakesurfing skills.

In coordination with that mission, the WWSA agreed to sanction a 30 state tour, "Wakesurf Across America" to be conducted by WakeSurfer Magazine this spring and summer.

WakeSurfer Magazine's "Wakesurf Across America" will visit up to 30 states this spring and summer at select INT League state locations and
will introduce attendees to the sport of wakesurfing. There will be a special emphasis on developing basic wakesurfing skills including getting started and riding without the line and handle. Also included will be discussions and demos of gear, driving tips, boat set-up help and general info to make wakesurfing easy to learn and safe to enjoy.

Demos will be made by the WakeSurfer Magazine pro surf/wakesurf team to show the progression of wakesurfing and what can be accomplished with practice. Individual state INT coordinators will be given outlines on how to hold and judge amateur competitions. Lessons will also be provided to as many attendees as possible. All attendees will be given a WakeSurfer "Wakesurf Across America" packet that will include WakeSurfer magazines, sponsor stickers and product brochures, posters and other sponsor promotional goods. Sponsorships available.

A World Championship of Wakesurfing will be sanctioned and hosted by the World WakeSurf Association this summer. Regional qualifiers are being developed at this time.

For more information please call 541-386-3172 or e-mail

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