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[UPDATED]: Ambush/ Wakeboard Series Stop #3 Results

Ambush Boarding Co. / Wakeboard Series Stop # 3 closes the summer by hosting the contest to end all contests. Stops #1 and #2 were epic, but Ambush / seem to keep raising the bar each time they hold an event.

Stop #3 festivities were kicked off late Friday night by an explosive fireworks assault, compliments of the Ambush / crew. The party continued into the wee hours of the night with wakeboarders drinking cheap beer and telling tales of on lake greatness and after riding antics. Once everyone decided to retire to their tents, a crew of pranksters reverse zip tied a number of tent doors making it impossible for people to exit their tents in the morning. As the sun rose, campers were awakened by the Ambush crew blasting 80’s pop tunes. Minutes later, you could here people screaming and yelling “what the hell”, “why won’t my zipper work” mixed with an assortment of four-letter words. With cameras out, the culprits went around snipping the zip ties from the tents’ doors and filming the campers’ reactions as they popped out. Once the laughs subsided and the footage was shown to everyone, the campers headed down to the lake for the wakeboarder’s version of a “morning shower”. For future reference, remember to always tie your boardshorts. You never now when you could be washing your hair and someone decides to pull your shorts down in front of 150 people.

A few left over fireworks and some ridiculous remarks from “Johnny Random Comment” sounded the beginning of competition for Stop # 3. The Men’s Intermediate division hit the water first in what was to become one of the most competitive heats of the contest. The division ended with Samuel Locket edging out Josh Billings and 49-year-old Howard Smith to take home the Men’s Intermediate championship. The rowdy 12 and under divisions were next off the dock. These kids were the most inspiring riders in the tournament because they were the ones having the most fun. A near mele would ensue each time rider left the dock. Seven dog piles and a ton of splinters later, the groms divisions came to a close with Cale Middleton and Brand Driver taking 1st and 2nd place respectively and Brooks Driver and Zach Beverly each earning equal 3rd. After a brief break, the Red Thunder Outlaws were called to ride. Seventeen of the southeast’s top rippers marched to the starting dock taunting each other in order to intimidate as well as display mutual respect for each rider’s talent. The first Outlaw to ride was local ripper, Brett Lee. Brett set the standards high with a barrage of inverts and spins. The division continued with Ambush team riders Rhett Whatley, Chase Andrews, Pat Cash, Brian Plemons, Mark Ward, Scott Massey, and two-time series champ Corey Bradley all throwing down for the crowd and judges. Johnny Random Comment could barely keep his pants on for what most were calling the most fiercely competitive wakeboarding they have ever seen. At the end of the heat, the judges’ scores came in with a three-way tie between CWB team members Daniel Walden and Chase Andrews and Hyperlite team rider Corey Bradley. The judges announced that there would be a winner-take-all, sudden death ride-off for the championship and the cash. The rules for the ride-off were simple; each rider gets two passes. If you fall; you are done. Corey Bradley, who earned two consecutive first place finishes in the Ambush/ Wakeboard Series, rode first. Corey was by far the favorite in this tournament, but a fall during his sudden-death run put him in a tough position. Tech Dog Daniel Walden rode next. After witnessing Corey’s solid run, Daniel knew that he would have to throw in some technical tricks and stand up his pass in order to beat Corey. In cool confidence, Daniel hit the water. Daniel shocked the crowd with the one of the most technically sound runs anyone had ever seen. Chase rode third and capped the sudden-death ride-off with a stylish ride. The crowd waited in anticipation as the judges tabulated the scores. The final result was Daniel Walden winning the title and $250 cash provided by Red Thunder, Corey Bradley taking 2nd place and Chase Andrews earning 3rd place.

After a brief lunch break compliments of Famous Dave’s BBQ, the advanced class took to the water. The first Advanced Division rider off the dock was Nick Sharp. Nick rode like he was possessed, taking every trick way out into the flats. The following riders knew they had to step it up. Each rider kept pushing the envelope. Riders continued to throw their tricks bigger and bigger until one actually landed on the shore. Imagine throwing an enormous method front flip and landing in 2 inches of water only to skate off into the trees…yard sale! The podium was loaded with talent with Brad Hedges placing 1st, Nick Sharp taking 2nd place, and Andrew Gaskins and Jake Hinton sharing equal 3rd.

Next was the moment “dock manager” Lee Elliott had been waiting for all day long; the women’s divisions. All of the wakebaorders had their time in the spotlight and now it was his turn. He had a dock all to himself with five lovely wakeboarding beauties. The women rode with full intensity and enthusiasm with standout performances by Fiona Nairn and Sarah Fullencamp.

The final division of the series was Men’s Beginner. Each rider had all day to work out the butterflies (and for some to get drunk). The extra time alone paid off as the Beginners threw some pretty unusual, although gnarly, tricks. Each rider managed to pull something they had never landed before. Riders were claiming their tricks in celebration. Some even tried to slide onto or ollie the grass peninsula…which was a bad idea for a beginner. Have you have ever witnessed someone running full speed into a closed glass door? Then you probably have experienced about the same level of carnage we saw. To close down the day, a few members from the Wakeboard Atlanta contingent, including F.J., Nelson Arada, O.D.B., and Tim “Pee Leg” Pratt wakeskated in the Men’s Beginner class. F.J. nailed the wakeskate trick of the day with a clean shuvit in front of the announcers’ booth, while O.D.B. and Pee Leg caused some gut wrenching laughter with their wakeskate doubles escapade.

All in all, Stop # 3 was perfect. Great weather, unbelievable water conditions, and some of the best riding anyone had ever witnessed. Ambush Boarding Co. and would like to thank Hyperlite, CWB, SPY, Rip Curl, Red Thunder, Ediktid, Quikfill, Nice, Kampus, Ally Dist., Alliance Magazine, Label Industries, and for all your support and generosity.

2004 is just around the corner. Keep you eyes and ears peeled for the next Ambush/ wakeboarding debacle.

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    12 & UNDER BOYS
    1st Cale Middleton
    2nd Brand Driver
    3rd Brooks Driver / Zach Beverly

    12 & UNDER GIRLS
    1st Jessie Adams

    1st Adam Trout
    2nd Ryan Shallies
    3rd Justin “FJ” Demone

    1st Sarah Fullencamp
    2nd Shelly Moore
    3rd Collen Layman

    1st Samuel Locket
    2nd Josh Billings
    3rd Howard Smith

    1st Brad Hedges
    2nd Nick Sharp
    3rd Andrew Gaskins / Jake Hinton

    1st Fiona Nairn
    2nd Summer Young

    1st Daniel Walden
    2nd Corey Bradley
    3rd Chase Andrews

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