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Sneak Preview: 2002 DoubleUP Collin went dumpster digging and found the goods to provide a sneak preview of the 2002 DoubleUP Collin Wright 142 cm and 133 cm boards.

Collin has designed two New Wakeboards for 2002, a 133 cm and a 142 cm. Collin mastered his previous Pro Model boards and has been looking for a stick that will offer more pop and be even easier to spin. Collin designed these shapes to ride shorter and wider, making them easier to spin and maximizing their Pop off the Wake. These two shapes also include minor molded in fins at each end, just enough to provide tracking and stability when riding without fins for Hitting Sliders. The innovative Tip & Tail shape allow the board to release cleanly from the Wake and Collin kept the board’s profile thin the minimize swing weight.

Collin Wright 133
Length: 133cm/52.3in
Width: 41.1cm/16.2in
Rocker: 2.25in
Construction: Foam Core/Fiberglass
Weight: 7-7.5 lbs.

Collin 133

Collin Wright 142
Length: 142cm/55.9in
Width: 42.2cm/16.6in
Rocker: 2.6in
Construction: Foam Core/Fiberglass
Weight: 7-7.5 lbs.

Collin 142

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