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Malibu Just Ride Havasu Results
By Patrick Wampler of World Publications

Lake Havasu City, AZ – Pro wakeboarder Leslie Kent typified the mood of the Malibu Just Ride Series at Lake Havasu, earning the honor of Best Crash in the final day of the event. Kent attempted an attack on the Fun Box, the monster piece of apparatus that allows riders to slide and glide out on the water.

Kent went after the Fun Box, showing no fear. For her efforts the Fun Box chewed her up and spit her out. Along the way, Kent earned the admiration of her peers for giving up her body for the sake of the sport. Kent rode away from the crash unharmed and willing to go after it again.

Not to be outdone, the pro men took the rest of the honors on the day, taking away Best Trick, Best Double Up and Best Slider.

The Best Trick of the day was pulled off by Australian Brett Eisenhauer. His Slim Chance near the end of his five minute run was breathtaking, stealing the show and ending the day on a very high note.

Eisenhauer’s day ending trick capped off a weekend of great riding. In the first heat, Canadian Chad Sharpe showed he belonged in the Just Ride Series, claiming trick after trick. Yet, it was Sharpe’s proficiency on the Fun Box that earned him the award of Best Slider of the day.

Ricky Gonzales took the only other piece of hardware left with his huge tantrum to blind, his trademark to claim Best Double Up. Many riders use the tantrum to blind as part of their game, but none can pull it off as well as Gonzales.

Final Results

Pro Men & Women Just Ride


Leslie Kent (FL) BEST CRASH – Fun Box

Ricky Gonzales (CA) BEST DOUBLE UP – Tantrum to Blind

Chad Sharpe (CAN) BEST SLIDER - Fun Box

Brett Eisenhauer (AUS) BEST TRICK - Slim Chance

Heat # 1

Collin Harrington (FL) BEST DOUBLE UP

Lauren Harf (FL)



Dallas Friday (FL)

Daniel Watkins (AUS)

Darin Shapiro (FL) BEST TRICK

Heat # 2

Josh Sanders (AUS)


Leslie Kent (FL) BEST CRASK

Ricky Gonzales (CA) BEST DOUBLE UP

Emily Copeland (CO)

Gerry Nunn (FL)

Brett Eisenhauer (AUS) BEST TRICK

Junior Men Finals

1 Joey Bradley (TX) 65.78

2 Derek Grasman (MI) 57.78

3 Cody Hall (CA) 57.50

Chris Kolb (MO) 57.00

Wes Brisco (FL) 52.00

Duston Swafford (TX) 51.56

Robert Bonifay (FL) 43.11

Robin Friday (FL) 40.58

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