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Longtime TIGÉ Family Member Announces Departure From The Inboard Industry

After 10 years of exemplary service, Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Company Partner Brett Thurley has announced he will be leaving Tigé and the inboard industry in January, 2004, and returning to his native country, Australia.

“This was, as you can imagine, the toughest decision I have ever made and one that has been on my mind for two years since the passing of my brother in October 2001,” said Thurley. “My sister and mother have been deeply affected by our loss and I feel that I must be with my family to heal and move forward with our lives without Grant. My career at Tigé has been the most rewarding and personally fulfilling period of my life. Charlie has supported my decision and treated me with the utmost dignity, respect, compassion and support.”

Thurley joined Tigé in 1993 as a professional waterskier after winning the World Slalom Championship. He became National Sales Manager for Tigé in 1995. Since then, Thurley has helped Tigé grow from approximately $7 million to $26 million in annual sales.

During his tenure at Tigé Thurley has aided in the research and development of the Tigé product, championed Tigé’s customer service and warranty department, developed the Tigé Customer Care Program and helped expand the Tigé dealer network from 22 dealers in 1995 to 68 dealers in 2003. He has also been instrumental in cultivating a diverse team of Tigé athletes including some of the top wakeboarders and skiers in the world. Under Thurley’s direction, Tigé played a key role in helping the World Wakeboard Council stage the WWC World Wakeboard Championships from 2000 to 2003. He also helped develop and implement the 2002 U.S. Open Wakeboarding Championships.

“Since he joined Tigé in 1995, Brett has been a true pleasure and an inspiration for us all,” said Tigé President and Founder Charlie Pigeon. “His drive, enthusiasm, unrelenting energy and uncanny intuition have been an important force behind our company’s direction, growth and success. We deeply appreciate Brett’s professional and personal dedication…and we will miss his passion, presence and full-of-life personality.”

Thurley and his wife Natalie will return to Australia in January, 2004. Meanwhile, Tigé will be actively seeking qualified candidates to fill the position as Director of Sales based in Abilene, Texas.

For more information, please contact Media Relations Coordinator Amber McDow at (325) 676-7777 or

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