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Centurion Boats Has Another Record Breaking Year

For the third year in a row Centurion boats has experienced a record number of sales and sales growth making them once again the fastest growing inboard boat company in the world. The 2003 product year saw Centurion’s sales increase 25%, a 3% increase over 2002’s sales growth of 22%.

Centurion has been growing consistently over the last five to six years ever since the advent of the Centurion ICS Construction. But in 2001 Centurion saw a remarkable spike in sales with the introduction of Centurion Boats to the eastern United States and the opening of the east coast production facility in North Carolina., under the direction of Les Clark.

In 2002 Centurion introduced the world to the “Storm Series” Wakeboard Boats and the Centurion Avalanche. The addition of new staff members and dealers throughout the world continued to increase the Centurion production numbers.

“This past year has been amazing,” explains Centurion’s Eastern Sales Manager, Bryan Holland. “2003 was a banner year for us and this can be attributed to the high quality of the product we have achieved.”

In 2003 Centurion answered the demand of its customers and dealers by introducing the Avalanche C4 and Cyclone C4 and by promoting a new up and coming sport known as wakesurfing.

With the introduction of two new boats for 2004, the Enzo SV230 and T5, in addition to new dealerships throughout the world, Centurion is prepared for continued growth throughout the 2004 model year.

Persons interested in becoming a dealer for Centurion Boats east of the Rocky Mountains should contact Steve Wedemeyer, Centurion National Sales Manager, at (865) 694-8922 or via e-mail at

Persons interested in becoming a dealer for Centurion Boats west of the Rocky Mountains should contact Kal Kustom Enterprises at (510) 651-8400.

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