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The Chevy Trucks Texas Ski Ranch Grand Opening Celebration
Where do you go for tons of excitement, exhilaration and thrill on September 27 & 28? Head on out to the Chevy Trucks Texas Ski Ranch Grand Opening Celebration and your pulse is sure to race! Riders and spectators won’t want to miss the premiere action sports, extreme lifestyle event of the year!

Texas Ski Ranch (TSR) is the only complete action sports lifestyle venue in the US that combines side-by-side facilities for cable lake water sports, boat towed water sports, motocross and a 15,000 square-foot skate park designed for boards, bmx and inline. And it’s right here in Central Texas! TSR will pull out all the stops with competition and appearances by extreme sports icons, live music, an Extreme Truck Show, beach party and much more at The Grand Opening Celebration.

TSR will showcase some of the most extreme sports and athletes the world has to offer during the event. Guests at TSR will not only have the opportunity to witness some of the best riding and equipment that action sports has to offer, but best of all – Everyone is invited to bring their boards, skis, skates and bikes to get a piece of the action.

The celebration will kick off on Saturday with Truckin’ magazine’s Texas Extreme Truck Show competition. This custom truck extravaganza will feature classic-model and new-model trucks tricked out with the latest aftermarket accessories. Then look to the lake and watch overhead as some of the best hydrofoiling, wakeboarding, barefoot waterskiing and sky diving daredevils in the world battle for your attention.

Motocross freestylist, Red Bull athlete and six times X-Games medalist Tommy “The Tomcat” Clowers along with partner “Full Tilt” Jeff Tilton will bonsai the sky,executing some of the biggest tricks of freestyle motocross on their ramps including the rock solid, no handed whip, and double nacs.

While Tomcat and Full Tilt tear it up on dirt and steel, World Team Barefoot Water Skier Royal Wiseman will skim the water at 40 mph, and Pro Tour Hydrofoiling Champions Todd Kyser and Al Lewin will lift, roll, and flip in excess of 25 feet above the water.Big air is the name of the game in hydrofoiling - with experienced riders doing flips & rolls in excess of 25' high! It's the latest craze in water-skiing and it defines a whole new extreme in sports.

In true TSR fashion, head-to-head competition on the cable lake promises to keep the weekend exhilarating. Big air extraordinaire Keith Lidberg will roll, spin and twirl his way around TSR’s cable ski toway in both of TSR’s head-to-head wakeboard challenges. The first cable wakeboard event, slated for Saturday, pits 8 of the world’s best cable riders in the world in a head-to-head tournament competition sure to awe every onlooker. Each rider will have 2 minutes to throw his biggest, wildest stuff to advance to the next bracket, and then on to the win. On Sunday, TSR will debut “10 Minute Madness”, where 6 of the best cable wakeboarders in the world will have the chance to ride the cable toway at the same time, bending, twisting and challenging each other for the win. This competition, the first of it’s kind in the world, is sure to be a crowd pleaser with huge tricks taking place every second.

In addition, Truckin’, Sport Truck, and Mini Truckin’ Magazine will host a Show-n-Shine competition for custom trucks of all different makes and models presented by JC Whitney. Texas club, Stressed Environment is classing and judging the trucks all weekend offering a chance at cash prizes and trophies. Truck enthusiasts, show-truck owners and builders will enjoy the hundreds of hot late-model and classic trucks. A Dyno Competition hosted by Maximum Altitude allows truck owners the chance to officially test the power of their engine and compete for a set of Nitto Tires. Both Saturday and Sunday, Bikini clad ladies will be competing for the title, Ms. Texas Extreme Trucks Show, hosted by Blue Oval Truck Parts, and a chance to win $500. In addition, the best of aftermarket accessories will be available through various vendors from around the country.

Pro Wakeboard Champions “Insane” Zane Schwenk and Andrew Adkison, Brian Francis and Robby Struharik are sure to treat the crowd in a freeride exhibition format that will include tandem wakeboarding, where two athletes ride together flipping and spinning over each other.The riders will be performing aerial maneuvers like the stalefish front to blind and 720s behind the 2003 MasterCraft X-2 in TSR’s boat lake.Big air, big wakes and big obstacles are certain to awe action sport enthusiasts of all ages.

Individuals and families who appreciate the thrill of action sports won’t want to miss this awe-inspiring weekend at TSR. Extreme athletes will be doing what they do best – electrifying the crowd. Live music, skydiving exhibitions and a festival atmosphere round out the first extreme sports appreciation celebration of this kind. TSR’s unique venue will allow a variety of athletes from diverse extreme sports to exhibit and go head-to-head, side-by-side TSR-style. At TSR, It’s A Way of Life!

What’s so extreme about the Texas Extreme Truck Show?

Ask Round Rock Texan extreme athlete and world record holder, Jimmy Siemers. Jimmy will be going “head-to-head” with truck show contestants as well as Freddy “The Nightmare” Krueger at the Chevy Trucks Texas Ski Ranch’s Grand Opening Celebration; he’s going for the farthest distance in the head-to-head Ski Jumping Exhibition, and top honors in Truckin’ Magazine’s Texas Extreme Truck Show.

Jimmy, World Record Distance Ski Jumping Champion, will enter his 2003 Chevy Silverado in Full Size Truck category. This isn’t the first time Jimmy has shown his truck. In fact, just stopping to buy gas has generates a “show” for Jimmy. It’s not his first ski ride either. Jimmy broke the world jump record with a jump of 236’ at the U.S. Open August 2003 in Houston, Texas. On the same weekend he was also crowned 2003 Open Men National Tricks, Jumping and Overall Champion.


Fun For All

Ride The Cable or Boat Lake, Ski or Skate

Hang Out on the Beaches

Beach Volleyball

Kids Play: Water Trampoline, Blob, Inflatables, Sand

Night Session Cable Lake Riding


  • 10am – 6pm Truckin’ Show and Shine

  • 10:30 am World Class Barefoot & Hydrofoiling Exhibitions

  • 11:30 am Sky Diving Drop In

  • Noon Wakeboard Cable Lake Head to Head

  • 1:30 pm Truckin’ Bikini Contest Prelims

  • 2:30pm Tommy Clowers & Jeff Tilton Freestyle MotoX

  • 3pm Distance Ski Jumping Exhibition

  • 3:30pm World Class Barefoot & Hydrofoiling Exhibitions

  • 4pm Motocross Track Exhibition

  • 5pm Wakeboard Exhibition, Boat Lake

  • 9 – Midnight Cable Lake Night Session

  • 9pm Live Music & Beach Party

  • Sunday

  • 10am – 5pm Extreme Truck Show

  • 11:30 am Sky Diving Drop In

  • Noon Wakeboard Cable Lake “10 Minute Madness” Head to Head

  • 1pm Distance Ski Jumping Exhibition

  • 1:30pm World Class Barefoot & Hydrofoiling Exhibitions

  • 2pm Truckin’ Bikini Contest Finals

  • 3pm Wakeboard Exhibition, Boat Lake

  • 4pm Motocross Track Exhibition

  • 5pm Truckin’ Show & Shine Awards

  • Cable Lake & Skate park open to public except during competition and/or exhibition times

    *Times subject to change

    Texas Ski Ranch, 6700 IH 35 North, 830.627.2843

    Directly between San Marcos and New Braunfels on the east side access road between Watson and Kohlenberg exits.

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