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CWB's 2004 Absolute Series Offers Innovation and Technology

The new Absolute has evolved into what I believe is the sickest board on the market. Using our proven testing process we came up with a design that makes the board ride completely different from before, yet it still has the soft landings and solid tracking that the Absolute is known for.

We designed this board with the riders in mind. Knowing they demand more pop, smooth landings and great tracking, we came up with a totally innovative hull design. First we took the deep long based molded fins and brought the front (tips) of the fins closer to the rear of the fins. This helped give the board great lift and tremendous pop, making the board ride more nose high to scoop the larger wakes and get full pop off the wake. Then we angled the same fin out 6 degrees toward the edge of the board. This helped keep the board on a steady edge and gives the board more bite when you cut hard. Then we cupped the outer rail to release the water easier and keep the tail down lower in the cut giving the board a fast feel on the water. The large center spine simply breaks apart the water on impact and creates a smoother landing than ever before allowing you to go as big as possible, knowing the landings are going to be buttery smooth.

The top shaping is even more extensive. Dishing on the tip and tail makes a lighter swing weight, so you can spin faster and easier then before. It
also provides strength to the board.

The Platinum version comes with 2 sets of aluminum fins, a .75" and a 1.3" so the rider can customize the ride depending on comfort level or water conditions, while the foam versions come with 1.3" fins. The Platinum version is approximately 1 pound lighter with the use of a unique carbon construction and glass rods that add strength and "pop" to the board. Both
models of the Absolute boards come in either 134cm or 141cm lengths.

The new Absolute is incredible, hard cuts, fast riding, unbelievable tracking, insane pop, super soft landings with the adjustability to fit any
rider. Get out and try it, you will not be disappointed!

-Zane Schwenk

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