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Re-Engineered TAPS˛ Expands 2004 TIGÉ Model Line

Tigé Boats, Inc. introduces TAPS˛ as the next generation of Tigé's patented Tigé Adjustable Performance System (TAPS) technology. TAPS˛ has been re-engineered to have a greater range of motion for increased wake enhancement at both wakeboard and slalom settings.

In 1995, Tigé revolutionized the inboard industry when they received a U.S. patent and introduced TAPS. Unlike static hull inboards, Tigé’s TAPS variable hull technology gave boat owners the freedom to transcend the limitations of traditional inboard design.

With TAPS2, Tigé customers now have the option to significantly broaden the performance characteristics of their boat, while taking full advantage of the unique Tigé ConvexV continuous rocker hull design.

“The key benefit of TAPS˛ is the amazing versatility,” said Vice President of Sales and Marketing Brett Thurley. “Tigé is the only inboard that allows the driver to control hull performance and hydrodynamic characteristics with the push of a button. Families today demand remarkable versatility within their boats. They want everything from world class wakeboarding wakes to superb slalom wakes, not to mention a smooth, quiet ride.”

Using a button located on the throttle handle, the driver can instantly change the wake size and shape to fit both the rider and the skier. TAPS˛ gives passengers and skiers the freedom to adjust ride, safety, comfort and wake size. From clean, faint slalom wakes to huge, beautifully shaped wakeboarding wakes, TAPS2 coupled with Tigé’s ConvexV hull delivers unmatched control, convenience and hydrodynamic performance.

TAPS˛ is now an optional feature on all Tigé models.

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