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Malibu's Illusion-X Is A New Generation Of Tower

(Merced, CA) - For 2004 Malibu has taken the innovative design of the Illusion tower and morphed it into a true extension of a Malibu boat. The Illusion X follows the same forward sweeping lines as the original Illusion, but every other piece of the tower has been drastically redesigned through a collective effort by the Malibu Research and Development Team and some of the World's top riders.

With one glance the Illusion breaks the first unfounded rule of wakeboard tower design by stretching forward toward the windshield.
Despite this reverse look, the tower creates the illusion of sleek motion even when the boat is perfectly still. This mirage of movement brought about the name "Illusion". The "X" represents the extreme level of performance this tower pushes riders to achieve.

While many towers obstruct a percentage of the driver's view, the Illusion X was designed with a goal of high visibility. The legs of the Illusion X fasten to the deck behind the driver and the tower sweeps forward. This eliminates any blockage of the forward view. So the driver
can concentrate on the towpath and the riders pull without any distraction.

Instead of steel tubing the Illusion X is cast from aluminum. The strength and precise fit of a specially molded aluminum frame allows the Illusion X to offer greater rigidity and effortless collapsibility.

To support this strength of construction the Illusion X was designed with sturdy mounting feet that are through bolted to the deck with
backing plates. While these feet provide the perfect foundation for a strong pull they are still narrow enough to accommodate passenger entry and exit.

The welded pylon cross-member bows across the rear of Illusion X arc to provide the perfect tow rope tether. The rope attachment point falls
well behind the optional board racks so rope snags are nonexistent.

Available options for the Illusion X include lights, speakers, racks and a bimini. Another great advantage of the Illusion design is the ability to conceal all wiring within the structure of the tower. The look of the boat is not compromised by the presence of unsightly wires and integrity of the tower electrical connections is ensured.

The 2004 Illusion X is the perfect compliment to any of the Malibu XTi or V-drive models and the must have wakeboard accessory of the season.

For further information, contact:
Amy L. Mauzy
(209) 383-7469 ext. 348

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