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Higher Education Video Review


Most wakeboarders have a desire to learn new tricks, and it's often hard to really find enough instructional help to feel satisfied. You'd think this would mean there would be a ton of wakeboarding instructional videos available, but that just isn't the case. It's difficult to put together instructional videos, and the tricks and techniques advance so rapidly it's easy for an instructional to become out of date. Bump Films has broken through the clutter and put together a quality instructional video/DVD called "Higher Education" that features a group of top riders with instructional advice from the best instructors in the sport.


The cinematography of Higher Education is top-notch. It's all filmed in high quality film from the experienced crew at Bump Films. Slow-motion footage from the boat, chase boats, helicopters, shorelines, and tubes provides the viewer with many angles of all the tricks.


Higher Education is broken up into beginner and advanced volumes that run over 50 minutes. It can be purchased on one VHS tape, two tapes, or all on one DVD. There are over 100 tricks in 69 categories, so the length of Higher Education is not an issue. There's plenty to watch, and it might take a couple of sittings to view it all.

Higher Educationa
The riding and instructional aspect of Higher Education is what really makes it excellent. It is the most complete and thorough instructional wakeboarding has seen with over 100 tricks in 69 categories. With instructors like PJ Marks and Charley Patterson explaining tricks being done by riders like Parks Bonifay, Shawn Watson, Darin Shapiro, and Dallas Friday, you know you're in for a good experience.


Parks Bonifay
Darin Shapiro
Shawn Watson
Rob Struharik
Charley Patterson
Zane Schwenk
Kyle Schmidt
Shane Bonifay
P.J. Marks
... and many more

Vol I covers:

Equipment Set Up
Boat Set Up
Riding Position
Deep Water Starts
Dock Starts
Turning And Carving
One Wake Jumps
Two Wake Jumps
Half Cab
Back Rolls
... and much more

Vol II covers:
Advanced Equipment
Front Rolls
Front Flips
Off Axis Spins
Double Ups
Hoochie Glide
Fruit Loop
Tootsie Roll
Dum Dum
Crow Mobe
Pete Rose
Moby Dick
Slim Chance
Osmosis 5
Double Back Roll
Speed Ball
Orbital 5
... and much more


Higher Education is the best wakeboarding instructional available. It covers so much anyone can learn something from it. Our only complaint is that we would've liked to see more instructional footage of wakeskating, sliders, and kickers. Overall, this is a must-have for any wakeboarder who wants to get better and learn new tricks. Higher Education gets 4.5 out 5 stars.

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