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Malibu's New Wakesetter 23 XTi Soars To New Heights

(Merced, CA) - The entire XTi line is a family of over achievers, but none more distinguished than the 2002 PowerBoat Magazine Tow Boat of the Year Award winner. The 23 XTi is the cross-trainer that started it all and 2004 has uncovered a new level excellence in the Wakesetter 23 XTi with increased size, impeccable digital design and big-wake performance that will entice even the most discriminating family of riders.

Built on a new V25 Wake Hull, the 2004 Wakesetter 23 XTi measures a true 23 feet in length and a comfortable 100 inches in beam. This wake-sport specific hull offers the performance that riders and their families demand as well as enormous interior space. The Wakesetter 23 XTi accommodates as many as 14 passengers with therapeutic seating for spent riders and spectators on the edge of their seats. The lounging bow, oversized observer area and expansive rear wrap-around seating is supported with dual-density foam and covered in a new luxurious 38 oz. G&T Marine Vinyl. The relaxation
of the rear lounge is accentuated by a 38-quart ice chest and a conveniently stowable table. And beneath this overflow of spacious seating lies
bottomless storage centers poised to envelope a boat load of gear.

Not only does the new V25 Wake Hull allow for increased interior room, it was digitally designed to optimize the size and shape of the wake. This wake sport-specific hull used in conjunction with 900lbs of Malibu Launch System(MLS), 500lbs in the ski locker and 400lbs in the rear, and the standard wake-building Wedge packs enough of a big wake punch to appease any level of rider. Throw in a standard Titan or Swoop tower or upgrade to Malibu's new Illusion X and the package is complete.

The look of the Wakesetter 23 XTi has also reached a new level in 2004. A new swirling gel coat scheme is complimented by an evolutionized version of the Wakesetter Series tribal decal. And these exterior graphics are brought together by a new intimidatingly chiseled body style.

A big trick pulling direct-drive 340 horse power Monsoon engine powers this boat. Because the weight of the power plant is evenly distributed throughout the structure of the boat, even when weighted with the Malibu Launch System or with the Wedge deployed the 2004 Wakesetter 23 XTi handles like a champ. The new SV25 slices through even the roughest water with ease and tracks true. In coordination with this agile undercarriage, the Wakesetter 23 XTi utilizes a new Teleflex Rack & Pinion Steering System to enhance the boat's spectacular riding and handling characteristics.

The privileged individual at the reigns of this performance machine sits comfortably in a swiveling captain's chair behind a new two-tone hand wrapped dash. The Wakesetter 23 XTi driver commands his boat with the help of an Italian made Issotta steering wheel and throttle knob. The sports car appeal of the dash area is further enhanced by newly designed 5 " servo driven gauges accented with black chrome bezels and a sleek, stainless steel capped, post-less windshield.

The 2004 Wakesetter 23 XTi is a luxuriously agile wakeboarding phenomenon, big enough to accommodate the masses. This model joins 16 other radically revolutionized 2004 Malibus making their way to Malibu showrooms in August.
Length: 23'
Beam: 100"
Seating Capacity: 14 persons
Draft: 24"
Weight: 3700 lbs.
Fuel Capacity: 47 gallons
Hull Design: V25 Wake Hull
Standard Engine: Malibu Monsoon 340(Gas,340hp)

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