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Wakeside adds Pro Flight and Nvert
Wakeside Press Release is pleased to announce the addition of the Pro Flight and Nvert brands to their offering. Wakeside is already known for carrying the top OEM brands of wakeboard towers, racks, and speakers from Boss Accessories, Mako, Skylon, Titan, and Wake Designs. With the addition of these OEM manufacturers, Wakeside’s current suppliers now provide wakeboard towers and/or racks directly to Calabria, Centurion, Correct Craft (Air Nautique), Malibu, Moomba, Sanger, Supra, and Tige.

Since their inception, Wakeside has focused entirely on the OEM brands, knowing full well that it is difficult to first be selected and then to remain a wakeboard boat manufacturer’s OEM tower supplier. Wakeside is determined to offer only the highest quality towers made.

Pro Flight is the OEM tower manufacturer for Centurion and Sanger Boats. Their Swoop Tower is a custom wakeboard tower that can be fabricated to fit many boats. They now have over 90 templates (jigs) available. Many of Wakeside’s customers have been looking for an OEM quality “Swoop” tower, which has not been available until now. With the addition of a Pro Flight Swoop Tower, boat owners can upgrade their professional waterski tow boat or run-about into a functional wakeboard boat with that “OEM swoop tower” look.

Nvert Sports has been selected as the OEM rack manufacturer for Correct Craft (Nautique) for the 2004 model year. The Nvert racks use a unique sandwich clamping system to support and protect the 2 wakeboards, eliminating board rattling. The locking mechanism secures the arms in place, replacing bungee straps. This is the only rack on the market made of polished stainless steel. Nvert Sports also offers an exciting new line of tower speakers and tower lighting.

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