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Ambush / Wakeboard Series Stop # 2 sets a new standard in wakeboard tournaments. From hosting Stop # 1 on an exclusive private lake in the backwoods of Georgia to an full on rager at the Ritz Carlton for Stop # 2, Ambush and continue to push the envelope in the realm of the wakeboard tournaments.

Stop # 2 got under way Saturday, July 26th 2003 at the Ritz Carlton on Lake Oconee with a record breaking 113 riders. 5:30 AM came early, but fancy Ritz Carlton terry cloth robes, finely roasted coffee, and some tasty croissants made the day start on a high note. Riders from as far north as Indiana and as far south as Florida started to make their way out of the plush hotel suites. As the riders strolled through the courtyard, with nothing but board shorts on, cursing about the previous nights bar tab, the regular hotel guests’ eyed them with distaste. I guarantee none of those people were ready for what was about to take place.

10 AM came around as “Rocket Queen” by Guns ‘n’ Roses blasted through the PA system. Roll call was announced and the Ambush Team Edition Nautique left the dock for a practice pass. The 12 and Under Boys stood on the shore in awe of its monstrous wake. With family members cheering from the dock, the first grommet took to the water.

After Mens Beginner came to a close, the crowd began to swell and, before we knew it, 500 plus people were chillin’ at the pool, layin’ on the beach and relaxing in the freshly cut Bermuda grass. Sunny skies and green rolling hills painted the backdrop for one of the most picturesque wakeboard tournament sites ever.

The clock struck noon and the Ritz was ready to serve lunch. Chef Jacque and his crew of 15 cooked up a feast for all of us to enjoy. With the spectators and riders stomachs full the contest continued. John Kelly took Mens Beginner as Ryan Livingston won the Women’s Beginner class. Mens Intermediate was a battle for the crown, with Craig Blevons claiming the top podium spot.

With the Womens Advanced division on the dock, out of nowhere, purple clouds crept across the sky and let us have it. Huge rain drops pelted the crowd. It felt as if someone dropped a million dimes out of an airplane. With the slight rain delay, the raffle began underneath the enormous Red Bull tent. With the crowd soaking wet, the first raffle ticket was drawn. Prizes from Liquid Force, Cassette, SPY, DVS, Jet Pilot, Straightline, Hoochie – Goo, Quickfill Gas Cans, Dragon, and Rainbow were dished out to the raffle winners.

The storm settled and the last rider from the Advanced division finished his pass. The buzz was out there, and everyone knew that the Red Thunder Outlaw division was next. In order to capture all the Outlaw action, 2 photographers were added to the Ambush Team Edition Nautique. With the best 27 riders east of the Mississippi on the dock and a $250 cash prize at stake, the Red Thunder Outlaw division got under way. 313’s, 7’s, 9’s, mobes and every other trick in the book was laid down by Red Thunder Outlaw riders. In the end, winning yet again, Cory Bradley took home the title and the dough.

For those that need a mental picture of the site please check this out: Reynolds Plantation

Thanks to everyone who made this event possible. Sean @ the Ritz, Blake @ Alford Media, Matt Long, John Boggs @ Red Thunder, Johnny @ Watersports Central, Correct Craft, Ambush Wake Team, employees and all my bros. Nothin’ but love for you guys!

12 & Under Boys
1st – Payton Knadler
2nd – Cale Middleton
3rd – Daniel Rothove

12 & Under Girls
1st – C. Merrit
2nd – Rami Merrit
3rd – Calin Merrit

Mens Beginner
1st – John Kelly
2nd – Jarrett Fadis
3rd – Jason Cobb

Womens Beginner
1st – Ryan Livingston
2nd – Mia Merrit
3rd – Sarah Fullencamp

Mens Intermediate
1st – Craig Blevens
2nd – Taylor Case
3rd – Jackson Harris

Womens Advanced
1st – Fiona Nairn
2nd – Bonnie Thuman
3rd – Amy Harper

Mens Advenced
1st – David Kenney
2nd – Trevor Clark
3rd – Dan Nelson

Red Thunder Outlaw
1st – Cory Bradley
2nd – Rhett Whatley
3rd – Chase Andrews

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