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Hyperlite Gate Wakeskate
Hyperlite has given a preview of their newly designed wakeskate for 2004 called "the Gate". It has a new 3.6" kicktail and was designed by Murray, Bonifay, Grubb, and Byerly.

Manufacturer's Description:
This last season our team built a new deck with a higher kicktail for bigger airs. Expand your limit of tricks with manuals and nollies out in the flats.

The Gate comes stock with the following features...

  • A 3.6" high kicktail independent of the waterline giving a skater increased power on ollies. This new, secondary kicktail has more to leverage off of.

  • EVA designed specifically for added traction while skating in shoes our team swears by it.

  • Same proven concave for extra board control and solid ollie power

  • A deep center tunnel allows additional water to flow thru the end of the board for more stability.

  • Compression molding and a nylon base material for extra durability.

  • Designed by Shaun Murray, Parks Bonifay, Brian Grubb and Scott Byerly.

    Also check out the 3D image of The Gate.
  • Hyperlite Gate Wakeskate

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