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Midwest Mission To Ride Season Reaches Halfway Point
By-Gunnar Shuler

Outlaws Steal the Show and Get Away with the Cash at Midwest Mission to Ride Stop #4

A strong group of outlaw riders included Tim Keepers and Hunter Hanson fresh from the Detroit Pro Tour stop. With cash prizes up for grabs the rides went all out off the wake and the Rave sliders supplied by Red Bull. Tim Keepers stomped his run and took the first place cash.

Even though hail and rainstorms delayed the competition, all of the riders were able to complete their passes on the Wolf River at Fort Fremont Marine.

The results were:
Jr. Novice
1st – Gus Shuler

1st – Robbie Jacobsen
2nd – Josh Haight
3rd – Ryan Struve

1st – Jason DeVries
2nd – Gunnar Shuler
3rd – Paul Stinson

1st – Jess Mase
2nd – Chuck McCloud
3rd – Ryan Koth

1st – Tim Keepers
2nd – Chris Full
3rd – Karl Mase

Women’s Novice
1st – Beth Anderson
2nd – Maggie Jacomo
3rd – Patty Hicks

Between riders, everyone was kept busy with a Playstation 2 and Indo Board contest. When the final results were being totaled, people were entertained with a belly flop and diving contest. Prizes included an O’Neill vest, Flojos, Spy bucks and a day at Gordy Bubolz’s Wakeboard Camp.

The Midwest Mission to Ride is supported by Nautique, O’Neill, Gator Boards, Spy Optics, BZ Boards, Jet Pilot, Indo Boards, Get High Sports, Dakine, Newt Juice, Clive, Double Up and the World Wakeboard Center.

Family Fun at Midwest Mission to Ride #5

Midwest Mission to Ride stop #5 was a real family affair. The Shuler family won 1 first and 2 second place trophies. Karl and Jess Mase took home 2 second place trophies, one in Outlaw and one in Advanced. The Walkers were awarded 2 firsts and a third. The Day family won a first place trophy and generously provided lunch for everyone on Sunday.

People slept in tents, RV’s and trailers. They spent time around the campfire, watched fireworks and many stayed to surf on Sunday. Even 6 year old Travis McCloud and 8 year old Gus Shuler tried out the Phase 5 board.

The competition took place on Saturday. Each rider got a pull behind both the Moomba and Super Air Nautique. Their scores were averaged to decide the winner.


Jr. Novice
1st – Gus Shuler

Women’s Novice
1st – Sara Walker

1st – Tim Day
2nd – Andy Shuler
3rd – Chris Walker

1st – Brian Cruver
2nd – Gunnar Shuler
3rd – Nick Higdon

1st – Nick Jarvis
2nd – Jess Mase
3rd – Chuck McCloud

1st – Nick Link
2nd – Karl Mase
3rd – Mark Dougherty

Prizes for the contest were supplied by Blindside, Phase 5, Dakine, Jet Pilot, Clive, Spy Optics and the World Wakeboard Center.

Midwest Mission to Ride Hits Mid Point

The 6th stop for the Midwest Mission to Ride means that the series is half way over. People that ride in at least 4 stops have a chance at winning the overall championship. At this point the leaders are, Jr. Novice – Gus Shuler, Women’s Novice – Patty Hicks, Novice – Andy Shuler, Intermediate – Gunnar Shuler, Advanced – Chuck McCloud, Outlaw – Karl Mase.

At this stop the wake behind the Super Air Nautique was huge. Almost everyone over rotated their first invert. Even the Outlaws said the wake was big.

It rained in the morning and cleared up for the tournament. Rockford Marina and Water Sports hosted the event at Shorewood Park on the Rock River.

The results at this stop were:

Jr. Novice
1st – Cody Coffey
2nd – Gus Shuler

Women’s Novice
1st – Kayla Coffey
2nd – Patty Hicks
3rd – Holly Elmer

1st – Forrest
2nd – Andy Shuler
3rd – Clayton Boworski

1st – Gunnar Shuler
2nd – Matt Biyley
3rd – Luke Becker

1st – Brian Huels
2nd – Jesse Mase
3rd – Justin Slybaugh

1st – Brian Born
2nd – Karl Mase
3rd – Gabe Fowler

This tournament’s major sponsors were Rockford Marina and Water Sports, Nautique, Blindside, Hardline, Spy Optics, Get High Sports, Newt Juice, Indo Boards, O’Neill, Dakine, and Reef.

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