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Featured Rider: Josh Chism
Josh Chism is a young and upcoming rider from the heart of wakeboarding in Winter Park, Florida. Josh is just 15 years old but is already making his mark in the sport. Check out our interview, pictures, and video.

WB: Where are you from and how old are you?

JC: I'm from Winter Park, Florida, and I'm 15 years old.

WB: Who do you ride with and Where do you ride?

JC: I ride with Chris Beckman, Joel Cahill, Chris Law, and Zak Stone at the Orlando Watersports Complex and Bear Lake.

WB: Those are some impressive riding buddies. How long have you been wakeboarding?

JC: Over eight years.

WB: What are your favorite tricks to do?

JC: Whirlybird and Blind 540s.

WB: What trick would you most like to do?

JC: I'd like to do a Mute Mobe like Erik Ruck.

WB: Do you compete at all?

JC: Yes in Jr. Men's on the Pro Tour, Vans Triple Crown, And Performance Ski & Surf competitions.

WB: What are some of your best competition results?

JC: I tied for 3rd at the Orlando Pro Tour Stop, 4th at the Vans Ft. Worth stop, and 1st Overall (Outlaw Division) in the 2002 Performance Ski & Surf Gravel Tour.

WB: Who are your sponsors?

JC: Wake Designs, Bare Wet Suits, FreeStyle Watches, G-Bolts, Solbound Bindings, HardLine Ropes and Liquid Force Wakeboards.

WB: What do you hope to achieve in wakeboarding?

JC: I hope to be a pro someday.

WB: What else do you enjoy doing besides wakeboarding?

JC: I like to skateboard and wakeskate.

WB: Thanks for the interview Josh.

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