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Ambush / Premieres Metronome
Friday, June 13th 2003 - Ambush/ premiered Justin Stephens' new film Metronome. The setting was a 60 inch TV in the middle of a huge field surrounded by trees, darkness, a lake, coolers, grills and hundreds of people. Parks Bonifay was even on hand to make a cameo appearance during his section in the video.

The film got under way around 11 pm shortly after the 50cc minibike rally ended. Metronome kicked off with Ambush / pro team rider Keith Lyman just absolutely killing it. The movie rolled right into Ambush / pro team rider Erick Ruck. Parks, Santori, Necrason, Reed, Horrell, Grub, Byerly, Harf and Watson rounded off the rest of crew.

Insane sliders, revolutionary wakeskating and never before seen wakeboard moves all come together to make Metronome the best thing to hit Sweden since the Volvo.

Mark your calendars, Metronome will be in stock at Ambush and on July 15th!

Special thanks for Justin Stephens for hooking up the video. Extra special thanks to Blake for providing the TV and the sound system!

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