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CWB 2004 Prodigy
CWB Press Release:

CWB is pushing the limits, stepping out in front and leading through product development, new ideas and quality construction. With the desire of a totally new and unique board design, Rob Struharik, along with his team mates and CWB R&D staff, worked hard perfecting a very trick and versatile design known as the 2004 Prodigy. The new 135cm and 140cm boards have accomplished something no other board company has even tried to produce, the all new Capped Fin system. The center fin is only a partial fin for those that want the board to have a loose feel. Then 2 different size forged aluminum Capped Fins can be bolted on the partial molded fin for more bite. The variable center fin means riding it finless gives you .5” of molded in fin for an ultra-smooth ride. Bolt on a small Cap (.53”) for a 1.03” of fin or for even more traction bolt on a larger Cap (.65”) for 1.15” of fin. This versatility means the rider can fine tune the board to make it as slippery or have traction depending on the personal preference or style of the rider.

The new fin system is just one design factor that allows this board to be smoother and faster on the water. The molded outside fins are .50” deep for improved performance along with a smoother bottom for more speed. The 04 Prodigy brings C.A.P.T. technology to Rob’s models for the first time reducing the weight at the tip and tail of the board through extensive shaping. C.A.P.T adds strength and reduces swing weight making this the lightest Prodigy to date.

The Platinum Prodigy features a lighter construction with fiberglass rods in the core for a lot more pop and acceleration on landing. The fiberglass rods store energy, when the board hits the wake they flex, upon landing the fiberglass rods quickly retain their original shape with no vibration whatsoever. Both sizes of the aluminum fins come standard with the Platinum Prodigy. The .65” fin comes on the Prodigy foam models.

The Prodigy Series features 4 new clean and smooth graphics, 2 for the Platinum boards, 2 for the Foam boards. At the recent Orlando Pro Tour stop Team CWB was ranting and raving over how the graphics are perfect.

To experience the latest in wakeboard technology, try the new 2004 Prodigy. It will be the ride of your life.

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