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Murray's Back Yard Tour 2003 Hits The Road
Back Yard Tour Press Release

The BYT is off and running with a new face for ’03 as the buses leave Central Florida for a 3 month long trip across the U.S. The ‘02 tour was so successful Shaun Murray invited Gerry Nunn to join the BYT with his own bus, as well as Chris Bischoff’s Fantastic Voyage Tour which will be intermittently joining them along the way.

If you didn’t have the chance to hit a BYT stop last year, this is different. This is not a travelling clinic. Come see freeriding that allows the pros to do tricks too risky for competition. Since they aren't stressed out about a contest, hang with them like never before - playin' games like whiffle ball, horseshoes, or try to beat Shaun at his own video game "Wakeboarding Unleashed." Ask those questions you always wanted to ask, like "How can I get a sweet job like yours?" This is your time. Besides exhibition riding, they’ll be an autograph session, a few drawings for some free stuff.

In addition to Shaun, Gerry will be at most stops and Bisch will join up at many points along the way. Guest appearances include Keith Lyman, Danny Harf, Chad Sharpe, Nick Weinacker, Sean O’brien and a few others. Check each location’s schedule for specific riders.

Check the Back Yard Tour website for more information.

There is a possibility that a stop will be added, so keep checking back for the latest info.

Email the BYT at

Stop Dates

May 27th & 28th - Atlanta, GA
May 29th & 30th - Near Birmingham, AL
June 1st - Monroe, LA
June 2nd - Shreveport, LA
June 9th & 10th - Dallas, TX
June 13th & 14th - Phoenix, AZ
June 17th & 18th - Salt Lake, UT
June 19th - Burley, ID
July 7th - Radar Lake, ID
July 9th & 10th - Vancouver, BC
July 28th - Irvine, CA TBA
July 30th & 31st - Lake Elsinore, CA
August 4th - 6th - Bakersfield, CA
August 8th & 9th - San Diego, CA Mission Bay
August 26th - Columbus, OH
August 30th & 31st - Orlando OWC

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