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Metronome Video Trailer
Cadmium Films, the creator of Boombox and Running With Scissors brings you a new film like you’ve never seen before.

Innovative, high energy and well produced, Metronome defines the wakeboarding and wakeskating scenes as they are right now. Shot in the riders’ backyards in Orlando, Florida, Justin Stevens’ Metronome features Parks’ jib session, Chad Sharpe’s drop down gap and Shawn Watson’s near death 720.

35 minutes of solid wakeboarding and wakeskating, this video features all new music, angles, rails and faces including Keith Lyman and Tino Santori’s film debuts. Watson, Sharpe, Byerly and Ruck are just a few of the riders who represent wakeboarding’s finest. has the trailer in our Media Center for you to check out now:

  • Metronome Video Trailer (Quicktime)

    Metronome can also be ordered now from:


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