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MB Sports adds Cobe Mikacich
MB Sports Press Release

Atwater, CA - MB Sports President and founder Mike Brendel has selected professional wakeboarder Cobe Mikacich to lead the company to new heights in the areas of research and development, sales, marketing, graphics and design. Cobe will be using the all new B-52 VX2 Team Edition boat for his summer long I-Ride tour throughout the U.S. The tour takes wakeboarding to the people, with a tour truck towing the boat to dealerships, tournaments, filming locations and wakeboard schools all across America.

Mikacich, an 11-year veteran of professional wakeboarding and a former US Open and World Wakeboarding Champion, is eager to team up with Mike Brendel in pushing wakeboard boat technology into the new millennium. "I love the new two-speed technology that MB introduced and can't wait to take that momentum and run with it."

Brendel is equally enthusiastic. "With Cobe we get a seasoned designer and developer of some pretty amazing boat improvements. Put the two of us in the same room for a few hours and we'll be blowing some minds with new concepts. We've always been on the cutting edge at MB, and adding Cobe to the team will keep us there for years to come."

Prototype MB Sports 2004 model year boats will be hitting the water in the coming months, with production slated for late summer. MB's nationwide dealership network will be the primary beneficiary of the pairing of Mikacich & Brendel's talents, and in a short time wakeboarders worldwide will enjoy the best wakeboarding boats ever made.

For more information on MB Sports and Cobe's I-Ride Tour, visit

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