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Wakeboarding News Introduces Wakeside Battle Rack
Wakeside Press Release is pleased to announce the introduction of the Wakeside Battle Rack. Turning heads wherever it is seen, the exclusive Wakeside Battle Rack adds a gleaming highlight to any wakeboard boat setup.

Wakeside has launched Wakeside Design Studio™ with the sole purpose of designing exclusive high-end wakeboarding products. Watch for other exciting products to come.

The battle-axe shaped backing plate is chrome-plated billet, as are the forks, mounts, and even the lift-off option! You have to see this rack in person to realize just how stunning it looks. No more tarnish and hard to maintain polished billet.

The Wakeside Battle Rack is manufactured by Titan Wake Accessories, which means top OEM quality. Titan is known for their extremely rigid and high quality stainless steel towers found on Malibu Wakesetter boats along with high-end tower accessories.

This wakeboard rack is made entirely of tarnish-free chrome plated billet aluminum and holds two wakeboards. The mounts are made to exactly fit the tower tubing diameter for an exact fit, which means no slippage and no harm to the tower.

The forks have been engineered with a few subtle yet important features. First, by adding a small amount of mass in a couple of critical areas, the forks are ensured to never bend, even when loaded with heavy boards while bouncing through double-ups. At a glance, you probably wouldn’t even notice, but if you closely compare with other forks on the market, you’ll see the difference. Secondly, you won’t find standard mill rubber o-ring inserts to protect the wakeboards. Like Titan’s own Oval Board Rack, these forks are engineered with a custom mushroom-shaped insert that greatly increases the contact area between the boards and the fork. Additionally, the inserts run all the way out to the end of the forks to keep the tip of the rack from digging into your board.

An optional Lift-off upgrade is available for instant rack removal allowing for full collapsing of the tower. For towers that include a flat oval cross member like the Skylon Swoop, Nautique Flight Control, and Supra, there are three mounting options. There will be a new oval mount available soon, or you can use the standard mount vertically on the round vertical tubing. The third option is to buy the Battle Rack with a Lift-off upgrade instead of the mount, and bolt the Lift-off directly onto the flat oval cross member. The third option is great because it eliminates the mount entirely for a cleaner look, and you get a Lift-off option for free!

For Titan Towers, a Spinner option is available to allow easy access to wakeboards, and it operates with one hand.

The best news is that Wakeside is manufacturing big quantities which enable comparable prices to conventional polished billet racks. Normally chrome racks of this caliber would cost much more.

This rack looks better, lasts longer, and outshines the competition. Stand apart with the Wakeside Battle Rack!

Price is $315 for one rack and $599.95 for a pair of racks.

Orders can be placed immediately - shipping May 15th!

For detailed images and order information click here: Wakeside Battle Rack

Wakeside Battle Rack

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