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Centurion World Wakesurfing Championships
Centurion Press Release

Centurion Boats of California, North Carolina, and Australia, is proud to announce the dates and location of the long awaited Centurion World Wakesurfing Championships. The event will take place June 13-15, 2003 at Lake Yosemite in Merced, California.

In the early 1990's, Rick Lee, President of Centurion Boats and his R&D crew were developing the first wake board boat to be offered to the public. One of the criteria was that the boat could create a wake so big that riders could surf behind the boat without a rope! "We actually came up with the name WAVE for our 1st wakeboard boat because we were surfing behind it," Rick said. "We were having so much fun that we felt that there could be a market for the sport of Wakesurfing". In 1995, Centurion contacted Rusty Surfboards, packed up a Wave and held the first World Wake Surfing Championship at Mission Bay in San Diego, CA.

This year's contest will be the second wakesurf contest Centurion has held and will boast prize money in excess of $10,000 dollars. "This will be a cultural phenomenon, something completely new. We will take surfing were there is no ocean", says Lee. "After seven years of waiting, the sport of wake surfing has now come of age and is destined to become the next exciting board sport."

The webpage for the World Wakesurf Championships visit will be online soon. Visit or contact Robert Thayer at for more information.

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