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Official Liquid Force Press Release
Liquid Force Press Release

Encinitas, California – Liquid Force reopened its doors earlier this week with the help of new ownership, under the company Motion Water Sports, Inc.

“This is a great day for the employees of Liquid Force, our dealers, our distributors, our sponsored athletes, and all wakeboarders around the world!” says Tony Finn, Liquid Force founder. The best years of Liquid Force have yet to come, and you can count on unique, innovative product, awesome customer service, and super aggressive marketing campaigns from us in the near future!”

Co-founder Jimmy Redmon adds “The support and love we have felt from all of our wakeboarding friends during this difficult time has been phenomenal. It’s great to be back home doing what we love.”

The crew responsible for growing Liquid Force into a powerful, vibrant wakeboard and kiteboard brand will remain largely intact. Tony Finn will run the business as its Senior Vice President; Jimmy Redmon will be Vice President, Research and Development; Don Wallace continues as Sales and Marketing Manager; Susie Stone - International Sales Manager; Josh Hathaway - Customer Service Manager; Asa Giffin - Kiteboard Sales Manager; Ray Cruz -Art Director; and, Scott Crumrine - Product Design Engineer.

All of the sales representatives are returning to work for Liquid Force, as well as 100% of all the Liquid Force distributors in over 45 countries. All of the key sponsored athletes such as Shawn Watson, Gregg Necrason, Shane Bonifay, Froggy Soven, Emily Copeland, Melissa Marquardt, Tino Santori, Kyle Schmidt, Cody Hall, Cody Ramsey, and others are all proud to continue to represent the Force.

Shawn Watson quipped, “Liquid Force is the baddest @#*$ around! I’m so stoked to have these guys back supporting me. I’ve had a blast with them, since the first day I signed up. I’m glad that the fun can continue. My board (the Substance) rules, and now everyone, including me, can get one again!”

Industry support has been tremendous

Chuck Morrow, owner of and Ambush Boarding Co. declares “We are very enthusiastic with the opportunities that lie ahead with the NEW Liquid Force. Our commitment to the brand will remain a high priority. Liquid Force is very important to us and the entire wake industry. Welcome back!”

Tyler Irwin, owner of Wakesports, one of Southern California’s top wakeboard dealers says
“A very large portion of all the innovations that have ever occurred in our sport come from Jimmy, Tony and the rest of the Liquid Force crew - I am stoked to have them back.”

Bill Porter, owner of Performance Ski and Surf remarks “Change is never easy, but I am truly optimistic that the combination of new ownership with the existing Liquid Force family will surely make for some amazing new products and energy which our sport needs to thrive.”

David Frank, owner of Warming Hut in Dallas, Texas remarks “The wakeboard industry’s survival desperately depends on the survival of Liquid Force. All the innovation it has offered and will continue to bring the sport of wakeboarding is key to all of our futures”

Jim Emmons, associate publisher of Wakeboarding magazine said “Tony and Jimmy have been around since before we started Wakeboarding. The sport wouldn’t be the same without them. I’m really happy to have them and Don and all the crew at LF back in the game. These guys are dedicated to what they do. Keep it up.”

Bill McCaffray, publisher of Alliance Wakeboard Magazine comments "Since their inception, Liquid Force has been a leader in our industry. The sport of wakeboarding would simply not be the same without Liquid Force as the competitor and innovator that they are. Everyone at Alliance is extremely happy to hear that the wheels are on and Liquid Force is back in the race."

Tony Smith, Editor at Large, Alliance Wakeboard magazine adds, "Even as the news was coming down about Liquid Force closing their doors, I had no doubt that Jimmy, Tony, Don and everybody at Liquid Force had both the desire and ingenuity to keep those doors open. In fact, I think the adversity has tightened the alliance between them, and provided a clearer vision of what they want to accomplish within the sport and the industry. Liquid Force's darkest day will probably prove to be the exact opposite -- the dawn of a new age for both wakeboarding and one of the companies that founded it."

We love the sport, and we love Wakeboarding. Liquid Force is back and better than ever!!! See you on the Water!!!

For More Information contact Tony Finn at 760 943 8364 ext. 325,, or Don Wallace at 760 943 8364 ext. 324,, or Jimmy Redmon at 760 943 8364 ext. 319,
P.S. We had lots more quotes, but we ran out of room. Here’s two though:

Shane Bonifay - ”What, Huh, Y’all were closed????"

Laura Finn- “I’m very glad Tony got his job back. He’s a great Wakeboard Salesman, but bad at changing Diapers!!!”

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