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INSIDE: BoatMate Trailers
By: Shawn Madison

Boat type is not the only consideration in buying a new boat. Trailer consideration is a major facet in this process. BoatMate Trailers in Vonore, TN offers an inside look in this process. Ski boat trailers make up about 80-85% of their production with the largest trailer being for a 25 foot Malibu. BoatMate-Supra TrailerBoatMate is the sole producer of Supra, Moomba, Ski Centurion (East Coast-Fineline East), Allison, Stroker, and Bryant Boats. Skier’s Choice (Supra/Moomba) consists of about 50% of their production. With a production force of around 25 employees, Boat Mate produces a complete trailer in about 24 hours with an average of about 14 trailers produced a day.

There are several different considerations in choosing a boat trailer. One of the most important is boat weight. There should always be a safety margin put into the total weight consideration of a boat trailer. In recent years, boat weight has increased with options as ballast systems, lead weights, and increased creature comforts. Single and multiple axles are the typical options for boat trailer setups. Tandem axles are the most efficient setup for accommodating more weight on boat trailers. Although, a single axle’s weight holding capacity can be increased, it usually is not cost justifiable compared to a tandem axle setup. Another consideration is channel steel vs. tube steel. BoatMateAppearance is the primary difference between them. One benefit of tube steel is that it hides the trailer wiring and brake lines offering a cleaner look. While channel steel has the trailer wiring and brake lines exposed along the inside of the channels. Most of the changes in the past few years have been in the drive train. BoatMate started producing trailers with torsion axles last year. Torsion axles have been the biggest advancement in the boat trailer industry in the past couple of years. They offer a smoother tow, are quieter, and handle better than the traditional spring axle. Oil bath hub systems are another improvement to boat trailers. They require less maintenance and can be easily monitored through a clear window on the side of the hub.

BoatMate handles all kinds of requests for options and customizations. BoatMate LightingOne of the unique involved an extended fender system that wrapped around the trailer and allowed access to virtually all of the boat from the trailer. They also manufactured a red, white and blue trailer to accommodate the Patriot Edition Malibu Response for a local dealer. Several other options are available such as: swing away tongue, diamond step plate, galvanizing, custom rims, LED lights, and custom paint.

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For more information about BoatMate Trailers, contact
BoatMate Trailers
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Vonore, TN 37885

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