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Proline's New EVA Wakeboard Handles
Another new introduction for Proline in 2003 will be the Gripstick EVA Handle with Pencil Floats. The bridle assemblies and mainlines utilize small diameter, Spectra Fusion Wire rope to reduce weight and eliminate stretch while maintaining a high breaking strength. he recently introduced Proline Pencil Floats are preferred by riders like Zane Schwenk and Jeff House who appreciate the reduced bridle assembly weight and the elimination of visual bulkiness associated with standard 9" floats. Proline offers a wide assortment of bridle and mainline arrangements for the novice to Pro rider.

Proline Wakeboard Series GripStick Bridles and Mainlines
GripStick EVA Handle with Wireline Bridle Assembly$85.00
GripStick EVA Handle with Wireline Bridle and Pistol Grip$90.00
GripStick EVA Handle, Wireline Bridle Assembly with 70', 3-section Wire Mainline$189.00
GripStick Eva Handle, Wireline Bridle, Pistol Grip and 70' Mainline$199.00
75', 5-Section Spectra Fusion Wire Mainline Only$120.00


For more information, please contact:
Proline Rope Technology
4173 Wheaton Way
P.O. Box 2218
Bremerton, Washington 98310

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