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Easter at Hyco - 2003
With another year behind us, we are proud and eager to host yet another Easter at Hyco event. There has been some discussion as to what dates are set for this years venues. The original dates seemed like a good idea until an overwhelming amount of emails that poured in asking us to change it. The new and final dates for Easter at Hyco are April 25th, 26th, & 27th. That is the weekend AFTER the Easter holiday.

For all of our new guest - Easter at Hyco is slowly becoming the biggest event on the east coast. If not THE biggest non tournament event. It is simply a weekend of fun! A gathering of people from all over the east coast for one reason, to wakeboard. There is no tournament, no competition, just a good time! This weekend consist of a lot of riding, camping, bonfires, live entertainment, wakeboard clinics (explain in a second), and a free cookout.

All the festivities begin on Friday the 25th. Folks will start rolling in around noon normally and start setting up camp. Most likely about half the crowd will show up this day. Normally there is a lot of riding, chilling, and getting to know one another. As the evening settles, you can enjoy dinner at the local restaurant or cook up your own brew over a campfire with many others. The campsite offers full utilities, bathrooms, showers, motor homes, and tent sites. It is located right on the lake, with its own docks, and within walking distance of Boats N Boards, Shell gas station, and Lakeside Restaurant. At the end of this email, I will include all phone numbers, and also numbers to hotels in the area.

On Saturday the 26th, the fun only continues. As many more people continue to roll in to the campsite, and the new comers from over night awake, the wakeboarding will begin. It will be a day full of wakeboarding, partying, and loads of fun. In the past years, Boats N Boards has always served up a cookout at lunch time for everyone in attendance. This year, we are going to try and do things a little different. We would still like to have a free cookout to all the come, only thing we are changing is the time. For this Easter at Hyco, we will be serving dinner instead. The grill should be fired up around 6:00pm and I am sure it will continue until the last person is completely full! We hope changing to the evening, that everyone will gather at one time, allowing folks to mingle and meet one another. Shortly after that, and when the sun begins to set, Luke Steele has generously donated a large tent, projector, and screen. We plan on doing a lot of filming throughout, so we will be able to play the videos through Luke’s equipment. Allowing everyone to see the other riders and boats. This should provide entertainment until the night time live entertainment begins. There are some rumors that our very own Adam Fields will be performing, but until that is confirmed, our entertainment department is still unfilled. After the entertainment is through, there will be plenty of fun times to be had the campfire, or maybe even some late night riding.

On Sunday the 27th, things normally start to slow down slightly as people gather there stuff and head back for home. There is still plenty of riding going on and a lot of people still hanging out.

There is normally a plethora of boats to ride behind, so if you are not able to bring your boat, or simply do not have one. Please do not worry. Everyone at our events are extremely courteous and always willing to extend a hand to a fellow wakeboarder. If you are not able to provide your own means of wakeboarding, we do ask that you please help the owner of the boat out as much as you can. Little things like a few bucks for gas (especially with gas prices now), helping them wipe the boat down, or picking them up a t-shirt at the shop is always recommended. Unfortunately boating is not cheap, so please be

Now for even more good news. This year we have added yet another new item to the list of already cool things going on. We are offering a wakeboard clinic that Saturday and Sunday (26th, 27th) from 9am till about 1pm. There is a very limited amount of space, so if you are interested, please email me immediately. The cost will be $45 per person for about a 45-50 minute lesson. We do ask that the fee is paid as soon as possible so we are sure to have the time slots full. These clinics are for anyone interested. You can be a beginner wakeboarder just learning how to ride or an outlaw rider that needs some critiquing. Ok, now the cool part. Since I obviously am not capable of doing a clinic for outlaw riders. We have spoken with pro rider Collin Wright and he will not only be teaching the clinics both mornings, but he will be chilling with us ALL WEEKEND!!! Yes, I mean all weekend. He will be flying in sometime on Friday afternoon and plans on just having a good time like all of us. We are very excited about having him out for Easter at Hyco and want to show him how the EAST SIDE does things!

Ok, I know that is a lot of information. If anyone has ANY questions at all, you can reply back to me at the email address below or call me or anyone at the shop. We know this year is going to be huge and we cannot wait! Since we are expecting a large crowd, we have designated an area at the campsite for everyone to camp. There are tent sites and motor home sites all in the same area. For those of you that attended Halloween at Hyco, it will be the same location. We hope everyone has a wonderful season and we cannot wait to meet all the new faces and catch up on times with all the returning. Have fun, be safe, and let me know if you will be coming!!

Contact Info

Boats N Boards - (336) 598-4926
Hyco Lake Authority (campsites) - (336) 599-4343

Map at Boats N Boards

Local Hotels

These places are approximately 12 miles from Hyco Lake.

Hampton Inn
920 Durham Rd
Roxboro, NC 27573
(336) 599-8800

906 Durham Rd
Roxboro, NC 27573
(336) 599-3800

Contact Info

Bill Reynolds
Hyco Lake Boats N Boards
Calabria Genuine Ski Boats
Landau Pontoon/Fishing Boats
P (336) 598-4926
F (336) 598-5253
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