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Skier’s Choice, Inc. Purchases New Facility
Skiers Choice, manufacturer of SUPRA and MOOMBA inboard boats has purchased a larger and newer facility in Maryville, Tennessee and will relocate soon.

The new location has presented Skier’s Choice with a unique opportunity to expand production without increasing overhead costs. The move will be only 10 miles from the current location but will place one of the world’s leading ski boat manufacturers in the heart of the Blount County Industrial Park. The square footage of the larger factory will more than double the company’s current space to over 142,000 square feet.

According to Rick Tinker, President of Skier’s Choice, Inc., “The move will provide our company an expandable manufacturing platform that will help us meet a growing market demand while maintaining our corporate philosophy of delivering tremendous value in all our products.”

Skier’s Choice is located in Maryville, Tennessee and is a privately owned company. It manufactures the leading luxury line of ski boats, Supra, and also a line of ski boats known as Moomba that focuses on providing “the best bang for the buck” in the market.

For Additional Information Contact:
Rick Tinker
Skier’s Choice, Inc.
Phone: 865.856.3035
Fax: 865.856.3241

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