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CWB 2003 Absolute Series
CWB Press Release

Using a testing process exclusive to CWB we were able to design, test and manufacture a board with a unique shape that has proven itself to be the most innovative design in boards today. The Absolute has been developed to pop higher, spin faster, and land softer. "This board is unbelievable, I am getting so much more pop off the wake and the landings are buttery smooth, blind or regular, it tracks so great!" Says pro rider Zane Schwenk who is positive that consumers will love the board that he has helped to design, and in which he plans to ride and win on this coming year. The shape of the new Absolute Series models is one that has never structurally been seen before, while the concaves in the tip and tail of the board add to the graphics, they also are there for a reason. We call it "C.A.P.T" (Connelly Advanced Profile Technology) which reduces swing weight in this critical area, providing for faster and easier spins. The dished out tip and tail of the board also add strength. Not only has the top of the board been changed, CWB has added a whole new rocker. This rocker helps riders explode off the wake making tricks massive and powerful. Along with the gargantuan new rocker on the Absolute, CWB has come up with a new design for the "spine" of the board. We feel that Zane Schwenk's comments capture the importance of the new design. "One of my favorite features on the new Absolute is the center spine on the bottom. We made it bigger this year, because you can never have too soft of a landing." This feature will prove to make landing smoother for any rider, beginner to pro.

The most elite member of the Absolute Series is the Absolute Platinum. The Absolute Platinum has a unique manufacturing process, which utilizes extensive carbon fiber and the manipulation of air. The result? This baby is one pound lighter then the rest of the Absolute series boards, it's amazing! First is the new hollow fiberglass tubes which encapsulate air and store energy. This allows for the board to weigh less while maintaining the strength of the board. Another great attribute is the formulated Unibond Construction using Baydur® polyurethane resin Ultra-light foam core. This foam is extremely light compared to that used in the standard process. All Absolutes can be used to their full potential with or without the center fin. You choose what is best for your riding style. Joel Cahill, one of Zane's fellow riders had some great things to say about this board. His experience on the new Absolute Platinum was so invigorating that he comments that "it tracks like a dream", and not only that, “it has opened the door for a whole new revolution in wakeboards." With those great closing passages, CWB is excited to present the Absolute Series.

Absolute Platinum 134cm
Size: 134 cm
Weight: 6.5 lbs.
Rocker: 2.70"
Waist Width: 16.92"
Tip/Tail Width: 10.09"
Rider Weight: Up to 170
Stance Width: 17.5" - 23.5"

Absolute Platinum 140cm
Size: 140 cm
Weight: 6.9 lbs.
Rocker: 2.90"
Waist Width: 16.92"
Tip/Tail Width: 10.09"
Rider Weight: 160 and up
Stance Width: 18.5" - 24.5"

For more information on the new CWB Absolute and Absolute Platinum Series see a CWB Dealer or contact:

CWB Wakeboards
P.O. Box 716
Lynnwood, Washington 98046 USA

Images - Click to Enlarge
Absolute 134 shows graphic and C.A.P.T. shape
Absolute Wakeboards

Absolute 140 shows graphic and C.A.P.T. shape
Absolute Wakeboards

Absolute Platinum shows graphic and C.A.P.T. shape
Absolute Wakeboards

Absolute Platinum construction cross-section showing unique graphite rods
Absolute Wakeboards

Important note:
Greetings and my apologies for the trouble with the CWB Photo CD we may have sent you. If you received Photo CD's find Disk 2 of the 3 CD set. If you no longer have the disk you have returned, than all you need to do is change 2 file names if they are on your hard drive. Find the file labeled 03 CWB Wakeboards on Disk 2. Locate the Tiff file named Absolute 134 (change this file to read 140) The Absolute 134 graphic should be the "Boneman" as shown on the attached jpeg for this press release Locate the Tiff file named Absolute 140 (change this file to read 134) The Absolute 140 graphic should be the "Condor" bird as shown on the attached jpeg for this press release We didn't want you to label the graphic wrong and cause confusion. To make sure we don't have another mistake I have attached jpeg files with the correct names.

Gordy Holmes
Sr. Vice President, Marketing

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