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WICed Fest 2002 Update
Wow, I couldn't believe it when I looked at my calendar and realized that WICed Fest 2002 is only four shorts week from today! This thing really snuck up on us and it seems like we have a ton of stuff being added every day!!!! Here's some news for you:

WICed Fest Goes Online

WICed Fest has finally come of age and bought its own website. Our new home on the web is At this site, you'll get all your info regarding the event...dates, times, sponsors, contacts, directions, lodging, places to eat, etc. So, check us out. A big shout out to the guys at for helping us out with such a great site!

Sponsor Participation

As always, WICed Fest wouldn't be where it is without the participation of its great sponsors. Right now, we have the following people involved and more are being added almost daily!
- AXIS Boardsports
- Malibu Boats
- Liquid Force Wakeboards
- Hyperlite Wakeboards
- Volcom
- Off Axis Wakeboard Gear
- Electric Sunglasses

I've been in touch with a couple of other people recently, so expect to see this list grow quickly!

The Music Scene

Ask anyone who's been to the WICed Fest before about what they saw, and inevitably they'll mention the bands. This year is no exception. We had a ton (more than I can count) bands approach us to play. The following is the current lineup, but there might be some more added:

Friday Night:
- Party at Down the Hatch

Saturday (subject to change):
- Silencer
- Superkid
- Dead 50's
- Big Top Low
- HevyFloe
- Guerrillafinga

Saturday Night:
- The Malibu Luau at the Marina with a DJ spinning from 8-10


The hotel names and numbers are mentioned on the website, but I want to make sure that you know that the Best Inn & Suites is the "Official WICed Fest Hotel." If you mention that you'll be there for the WICed Fest, you should be able to get a discount!

That's all for now from this end. You'll be hearing more from me this weekend and over the next three weeks. If you need to get in touch with me, my contact info is on the website and so is Rob Anderson's. Just a note though, Rob's email isn't working right now, so if you want to contact him, give him a ring!

Thanks a ton and hope to see you all up in Connecticut on the weekend of June 7-9 for the Northeast's biggest wakeboard party - WICed Fest 2002!!!!!!!!

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