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Solbound Towable Funbox Photos
Team Solbound built a towable funbox and sessioned it at Canyon Lake. Check out the pictures taken by Mike Rogers of this contraption being dominated by Randy Harris, Steve Wahlman, Melissa Marquadt, Fil Lowe, Leif Erkkila, and Aaron Aubrey.

Click on the picture for a larger image:

Aaron Aubrey Backside 180Aaron Aubrey GapFil Lowe
Bobby StarkeyLeif Erkkila BoardslideLeir Erkkila Frontside 180
Leif Heelside BoardslideMelissa MarquadtMelissa Marquadt Bellyslide
ScaryCraftRandy Harris FunboxingRandy Tail Grab
Steve WahlmanSteve Wahlman 360 onto Funbox 

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