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James Windsor Edit | Union Wakeboarder

James Windsor Edit | Union Wakeboarder from Union Wakeboarder Magazine on Vimeo.

The Winds of Change. The James Windsor Interview

From a grommet at Gowake to the Hunted in Hamburg, Windsor has well and truly taken the step from 'going to be' to just 'being'.

At just 17, he is one of the world's most dedicated and stylish rail riders. And a well journeyed 17 years, for as a sign of having travelled around the world for the past 18 months – from country to country, from hotel to hotel and cable park to cable park, when I meet him at his parents’ Sunshine Coast home I ask him to explain where we are? His answer...'Australia'.

Read more in Union Wakeboarder Volume 02, Issue 01.In Newsagents now or Download the digital edition at

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