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LSF, It's Better than Christmas
By Jocko

Most exciting set at LSF - Chad Reese from Montgomery, Alabama and Andrew
Adkison from Panama City, Florida riding doubles behind Miles Armstrong's Super Air Nautique.
They were putting together combinations of tricks and they would both commit to the wake at the same time so that both riders were in the air at the same time. One rider was on a shorter rope and a little ahead of the other so that they could both hit a clean wake. Chad on the longer line would yell out to Andrew when he was going to cut and they would both take off at the
same time. The first couple of combinations were pretty cool, Chad's OHH's and raleys and Andrew's 540's and whirllys, two different types of tricks
happening in the air at the same time. Then it happened, I mentioned to them to just do two big floaty raleys, but to hit the wake at exactly the
same time. They stuck it perfect, all the photogs in the chase boat had clean shots of it, - video, print, slides, whatever, these two guys looked like fighter planes flying in formation in the air right next to each other. I'm sure that that photo will end up on the cover of one of the mags because it was absolutely awesome. Both riders stomped the raleys and to hear both boards hit the water at the same time was so cool. Then they did the same thing again with two indy tantrums and then again with two krypts. Both Andrew Adkison and Chad Reese will be featured riders in WAKEtv #11 and you will see the rest of what really happened. There's also a nice shot of Andrew in the middle of a whirlybird, totally upside down over Chad looking him in the face while Chad's looking right up at Andrew. It's amazing. The riding at LSF was totally sick.

Funniest story - 2:30 am on the dock in the marina, the WTWT guys have accepted that they are doo trunk to drive anywhere so they'll just sleep in their new Supra at the marina. Clark and Luke Puke are talking into their beer cans like they were cell phones. "Hallo" "Hallo let me talk to a woman!" "Hallo, hold on I have another call, click, Hallo?" "Wassssuuuuuuppp!" "Wassssuuuuuuppp!" "Let me talk to a woman!" "Quit playin" "I ain't playin" "Quit playin" "I ain't playin" "Let me talk to a woman!" "Hold on I have another call" Then Clark jumps up, bets Luke that he can swim faster around the bouy in the middle of the marina and strips down, then Luke Puke jumps up with a reaction time of 0.005 seconds and
strips down and both drunks fall into the cold water. Everyone on the dock was absolutely rolling laughing at these two half-nekkid dudes dog-paddling around. Luke was not doing well, but I didn't mind losing the money I bet
on the long-shot, I was just worried that we were going to have to Baywatch him out of there, but he finally crossed the finish line and got hauled back up on the dock. They slept in their boat and we saw them again the next morning when they woke up during a short 7 am rainstorm. That's core, man. That's so core. LSF baby.

Strangest Pull - This grey metal barge pulls up with some locals with thick
accents. They welcome us aboard their "louisiana wakeboard boat" and we check it out. First everyone stands up on the boat and holds onto the rail so it's more like a bar with a wakeboard show, just a bunch of guys and girls hanging out on the railing jamming tunes and watching riders huck 540s across this massive barge wake. It was a most unique experience. They had a pole and board racks and phat seats and all, but it was a huge flat-bottomed barge. Don't worry if you ding the boat with your board, it's ok, they have lots more grey paint.

Most Stoke In The Boat - The women's boat was overflowing! Girls dancing
and singing and screaming for each other, arms in the air, nothing but encouragement from their sister riders. It was awesome to see and shoot.
Girls rule, girls understand wakeboarding and how important it is to support each other. That part of LSF gave me chills. Also, you know how a rider
says they don't really want to go next and then people try to encourage them to ride. In the girls boat I heard Cathy Kyle say, "You're going next because I say so and I'm the Mom." That's how it's done, quit your wimpering and get down to riding. HaHa!! Cathy Kyle is the wo-man!

Second Funniest Story - Mickee's Saturday night, wet-tshirt contest FOR THE WOMEN consisted of all of the guys (Miles, Clark, Luke, Chad Reese getting up on stage and stripping down, let's see Miles did the tittie jiggle workout for the crowd of women while some gay dude was hitting on Chad and Clark and feeling up their chests. Not exactly what the Mickee's management had planned I assume, but rather entertaining for the crowd.

Oops - Billy Garcia says, hey Jocko can I get a ride back to the hotel? Sure
don't miss the bus when we leave. Look out the back window as I'm pulling away and hear Billy Garcia banging on the back window running along behind the van. Kept on driving.

Forgive and Forget - WTWT Clark and Luke driving by that same houseboat that
last year had the owner threatening them with a large stick (seen in LSFsegment on WAKEtv #9) This year they slowed their boat as they drove by and gave out a friendly wave and got a friendly wave back from that same guy. I wish I had a #9 video to give to him. It was cool. Then some other pissed off redneck drove up and gave us hell about swamping HIS houseboat. It will never end folks.

Straight Faced Answers - Officers were out in force on Sunday asking how
much weight we had in each boat. The funniest answer was some guy who looked the officer straight in the face and answered about his completely full phatseat, "It weighs 200 lbs." Completely straight faced.

Most Mileage Out Of One Joke - "My new van will do something that my old rv could never do." "What's that?" "90." I got a lot of mileage out of that one, sorry if some of you heard it twice. For the first time in WAKEtv history, we drove directly to our destination and arrived safely and on time WITHOUT THE ASSISTANCE OF A MECHANIC OR A TOW TRUCK!! WAKEtv has been

Classic Line Of All Time - Buck said it and it's so true. Everyone was
agreeing with him. He said, "LSF, it's better than Christmas."

Thanks to everyone who helped me make it to LSF and make it back from LSF. You know who you are. I know who you are. You are the bomb. Thank you all so very much.

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WAKEtv #11

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