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Harley Clifford Wins Nautique Wake Games
Orlando, Fla. - Putting an exclamation point on four days of progressive riding across 24 divisions at the Nautique Wake Games presented by Rockstar, Harley Clifford took top honors in the Pro Men's finals, the event's elite division. Nicola Butler also went home a champion, putting in a top notch performance to claim first place in the Pro Women’s division.

Making the most of the G23's huge wake, Harley Clifford boosted his way to first place with a combo of gigantic airs and stylish rail riding. The win gives last year's King of Wake champion an early upper hand in defending his crown. It was also a great day in Orlando for Clifford's fellow Aussie countryman Dean Smith, who used his collection of signature airs to lift his way onto second place.

The Pro Women finals saw a heated battle from some of the sport's top females. Taking top spot on the podium was Nicola Butler, who's well-balanced run was too much for Raimi Merritt and Dallas Friday to overcome, who finished in second and third respectively.

Claiming the early overall lead in the Overton's Junior Pro series and earning bragging rights in his division as the 2013 Nautique Wake Games champion was Noah Flegel. Clocking a near flawless finals run, Flegel, 15, pulled off massive aerials that most kids his age can only dream about sticking.

The only event of its kind, the Nautique Wake Games also includes a team format competition featuring 10 teams that includes riders from all 24 divisions. Based on results from day three and four at Wake Games the athletes, which are separated by age, sex and skill level, accumulated points toward a team score based on their individual placement in that division. Team Tony Carroll posted the highest collective score and will hold on to bragging rights for the next year.

Recognized as the best non-professional rider throughout the Nautique Wake Games, Tyler Higham was honored with the PCM Engines top amateur award

As an added bonus, following competition fans were privy to the Polaroid Action Big Air Kicker Contest. Launching from a ramp, athletes pulled some of the biggest airs ever seen. Claiming first place in the specialty event was Dean Smith, who stuck a massive backside 720.

Recognized as the best non-professional rider throughout the Nautique Wake Games, Tyler Higham was honored with the PCM Engines top amateur award.

Final Day Results

Pro Men Finals

Harley Clifford 95.00
Dean Smith 85.00
Shota Tezuka 55.00
Phil Soven 52.50
Danny Harf 50.00
Jefferson Langley 40.00

Pro Women Finals

Nicola Butler 86.67
Raimi Merritt 82.67
Dallas Friday 75.00
Melissa Marquardt 70.33
Amber Wing 50.00
Taylor McCullough 40.00

Jr. Pro Men Finals

Noah Flegel 97.00
Tony Iacconi 87.75
Massi Piffaretti 82.25
Jason Soven 70.00

Pro Wakeskate Finals

Danny Hampson 70.67
Reed Hansen 65.00
Grant Roberts 50.67
Brian Grubb 35.00

Pro Men Semifinals Heat 1 (Top rider advances)

Shota Tezuka 89.33
Shawn Watson 85.00
Shane Bonifay 75.00

Pro Men Semifinals Heat 2

Dean Smith 83.33
Daniel Powers 65.00
Sam Carne 50.00

Pro Men Semifinals Heat 3

Danny Harf 70.00
Tony Carroll 68.00
Kyle Rattray 65.00

Pro Men Semifinals Heat 4

Jefferson Langley 80.00
Rusty Malinoski 75.00
Mike Dowdy 40.00

Pro Men Semifinals Heat 5
Phil Soven 85.00
Oli Derome 60.00
JD Webb 50.00

Pro Men Semifinals Heat 6

Harley Clifford 85.00
Andrew Adkison 80.00
Christian Primrose 75.00

Boy’s Beginners (10-13) Finals

Garrett Coleman 83.33
Kai Stidham 70.67
Andy Birch 63.00
Kenny Prowse 52.33

Boy’s (10-13) Finals

Tyler Higham 80.00
Mitch Kappler 73.67
Erik Schroeder 59.00
Hunter Henderson 20.00

Team Results

Team Tony Carroll 832 points
Team Dean Smith 823 points
Team Daniel Powers 802 points
Team Shota Tezuka 795 points
Team Rusty Malinoski 793 points
Team Phil Soven 779 points
Team Andrew Adkison 770 points
Team Harley Clifford 759 points
Team JD Webb 757 points
Team Aaron Rathy 706 points

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