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The whole idea of Heart N Soul is simple, Two people, with one vision. Team rider Grahm Potter explains, "We wanted to make affordable wakeskates that were innovative, quality, rider designed." Potter and his crew felt that it was time for people to start riding boards for the way they ride, and not just because of the graphics. His Pro Model will be out early this summer. It is 36 inches long, 16 inches wide, 2 inches of rocker, .7 inch molded in fin and a 2 inch kicktail.

Heart N Soul plans to have an innovative team this year. Riders will consist of Potter, Andrew Julian, and Jay Savage. Matt Adair is the owner and manager. Right now their future plans are to just get the skates out there and known. They want to keep designing new skates and finding the best shapes. The pictures below are of the 46 inch skate. It is 16.4 inches wide and has a 1 inch kick tail and 1 inch molded in fin. The rocker is 2 inches. The skates will retail for about $99.00 - $150.00 depending on the model. They will be sould through Robert's Sporting Goods in Birmingham, AL.

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Heart N Soul WakeskateHeart N Soul Wakeskate
Heart N Soul WakeskateHeart N Soul Wakeskate

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