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SkiReel RTS To Debut At LSF
Houston, Texas, April 22, 2002 – SKIREEL Water Sports will debut the SKIREEL RTS at the 2002 Louisiana Spring Fling Wakeboarding Competition.

This Patent Pending, revolutionary new product is a retractable tow rope system designed to allow length adjustment of the wakeboarding tow rope on demand without having to stop the boat and section off the tow rope.

The SKIREEL RTS was born out of necessity and innovation. Eddie Valverde, President of SKIREEL Water Sports states, “Having the ability to vary the rope length as you ride without having to stop the boat is a natural evolutionary step for the sport of wakeboarding. Every rider has a preferred rope length and it can change depending on the boat and the wake. Instantly adjusting to fit the conditions is what the SKIREEL RTS is all about. The convenience of completely reeling in the tow rope between and after sessions is an added feature that solves the age old problem of running over the rope and cutting or ruining it with the boat propeller.”

The SKIREEL RTS also features a universal mounting system that fits most wakeboarding towers and pylons. In addition, the SKIREEL RTS utilizes a one piece 70 foot, low stretch, Spectra core rope that smoothly reels in and out and provides ultimate performance. The rope is marked with length tabs to ensure accurate rope length. Other popular ropes can also be used. The ski spotter operates the SKIREEL RTS using the CoPilot control cord, which can be unplugged and stowed while not in use. The onboard 12-volt battery supplies power to the SKIREEL RTS via a heavy gauge harness.

Please join us at the 2002 Louisiana Spring Fling for this exciting debut. Demos on our factory boat will be available from Wednesday, April 24 through Saturday, April 27, 2002.

The SKIREEL RTS goes on sale on Friday, April 26, 2002 at

Contact: Eddie Valverde

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