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Kicker Hooks Up LF Trip Across America
Stillwater, OK – “This stuff really kicks #**!”

Tell us something we don’t know, Shane. Those were the words that spilled from the mouths of professional wakeboarders Shane Bonifay and Shawn Watson after checking out their brand-new, spanking KICKER sound system set up in their rolling home for the next five months.
Shawn Watson and Shane Bonifay
Bonifay and Watson are part of Team Liquid Force, a team of wakeboarding’s finest athletes who travel around the country with the team boat and RV. For the third straight year, Trip Across America 3 plans to cover more than 40,000 miles and 100 dealers this summer, and whomever they come in contact with will know that KICKER is on board.

KICKER master installers Gary Biggs, Mark Eldridge, Nathan Moore, Jason Jones, John Myers, and Jerimy Brown spent a week putting together a travel-worthy system for the Force, which includes a complete DVD/VHS system as well.
Shane Bonifay and Kicker
Immediately inside the side door of the star-spangled RV you run upon a stacked set of KICKER equipment – a Solo-Baric S10L5 subwoofer with grill, a KX550.3 multi-channel amp, and a single K65 coaxial (the other coax nuzzles the back of the driver’s neck on the other side of the truck). Count in a pair of K57 coaxials in the driver and passenger’s doors, and you’ve got living space slammed for sound! When the RV’ s big sliding door is raised in the back, you’re met with loads of Rip Curl vests, Liquid Force boards, and what else? - more KICKER gear!

Cleverly set up for takin’ tunes to the crowds always gathered outside the Liquid Force mobile headquarters, another KX550.3 amp and K65 coaxial set are joined by a Solo-Baric S12L5 with grill and a pair of legendary SS600 full-range boxes.
Shawn Watson
The Force RV pulls a smokin’ Correct Craft Team Edition Super Air Nautique wakeboard boat, which will now be the loudest on any lake. Biggs installed a KICKER Solo-Baric S10L5, complete with a matching red-painted cover, in a slick spot behind the captain’s seat. It teams with a trio of KICKER 600m Marine Coaxials for perfect sound inside the craft. For those hanging on the end of the rope, four SS600 speakers line the Correct Craft tower. The entire system is powered by a KX550.3 amp and a KX600.1 subwoofer amp. What a ride!
Boat Dashboard
KICKER is proud to bring both Bonifay and Watson on board for the summer. Bonifay was perhaps the most filmed and published rider last year, while Watson is known for his solid free-riding skills and a 2000 National Championship. This year the Force also hooks up with accomplished riders Emily Copeland (2001 World and Pro Tour Champion), “Wakeguru” Jimmy Redmon, Melissa Marquardt, wakeskater Thomas Horrell, and several others.
Full Rig
Along with KICKER, the Force will be using gear from Rip Curl, SPY Optics, Hansen’s Energy, Alliance, Airwalk, Cobian Soulwear, DaKine, Get High Sports, and New Rave Sliders as well. Look (and listen!) for the Liquid Force Trip Across America at a lake near you, and keep checking “Events” for upcoming tour stops throughout the summer of 2002.

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