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(Merced, CA) – While many female Malibu boaters are seasoned veterans on the water, the confidence and skill they possess did not happen on it’s own. They were taught and in many cases by a Malibu Boats Dealer. A group of dealers have been so successful teaching ladies proper Malibu boat operation they have established annual events just for this purpose. These Ladies Day events are not only informative, they are a boatload of fun and there are no boys allowed in class. In Malibu boats girls learn to drive, dock and trailer at many of these events. Some dealers also teach women how to pull a rider and/or skier. And some Ladies Day events take it a step further teaching the gals to wakeboard. Malibu Boats Ladies Day events provide fun pressure-free instruction by individuals trained in Malibu boat operation. Check out a Ladies Day event near you!

2010 Ladies Day Event Info

5/1/2010 - Yacht Club Sales and Service - Coeur D' Alene, ID

5/12/2010 - Central Texas Water Sports - Austin, TX

6/19/2010 - Paris Marine LTD - Peterborough, ON Canada

6/23/2010 - Main Channel Marina - Syracuse, IN

6/27/2010 - The Boat Shop - Tafton, PA

7/17/2010 - Paris Marine LTD - Peterborough, ON Canada

7/31/2010 - Larson Marine & Girls Ride the Wake – Wheatland, CA


Malibu Boats Dealers are patient and accustomed to training men and women on a regular basis. They know how to break down the functions of a Malibu boat and teach them thoroughly, but simply without any pressure. These are classes designed for groups of women so no one is on their own. The girls will learn together and have a boatload of fun in the process.

The event’s activities depend on the dealer, but many of them focus on basic boat driving including docking, general driving and loading the boat on a trailer. Some dealers will also teach the tricks to pulling someone; a rider, skier and/or tuber. Still other women’s events like the one offered by Girls Ride the Wake in cooperation with Northern California Malibu Boats Dealer Larson Marine, focus on teaching girls to wakeboard and improving their riding through professional athlete instruction.

Some Malibu Boats Dealers have been hosting Ladies Day events for years. Rob Falgout, owner of Central Texas Water Sports, explained the motive behind his Ladies Day event in Austin, TX. “We heard that some of our female customers weren’t comfortable driving, docking, pulling riders, etc. They would tell us they’d love to be able to go out during the week when their significant other is at work, but didn’t think they could do it. We thought that was such a shame. It’s summertime, the kids are out of school, you have brand new boat, but you’ll only use it on the weekends because you have to have the ‘man of the house’ to use the boat? No, that’s just not acceptable.”

While each Malibu Dealer’s Ladies Day event is unique, the common denominator is fun! They want to help all of the women have fun on the day of the event as well as in their Malibu boats for years to come. To find out more about a Ladies Day event near you contact your nearest Malibu Boats Dealer or email for more information.

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